Map «Radar Takedown» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Radar Takedown

Take over the isolated island in a long and fairly challenging fight.

Ever since Raven established dominance over this sector of the ocean, all Eagle air attacks were intercepted before they would get even remotely close to the targets. Only months later the reason to it became clear - Raven got their hands on old radar station, which they then quickly turned into an impenetrable little fortress and began not only scanning the entire sector for unindentified objects, but also wanking with the only darn good music radio frequency!

Killing hundreds of our soldiers we could accept, but WHOEVER TURNS BEST COUNTRY MUSIC ON THE RADIO INTO STATIC HAS TO PAY FOR IT!

So, we got your squad covered here. You should arrive unnoticed on the beach by water. Then as soon as you set up good ground in the camp just ahead reinforcements will have no trouble swooping in. Its gonna be a long way up, but rememeber, ITS FOR SCREAMINGEAGLE.FM!
Get in there, kill everyone who is barking raven, smash everything that isnt 2 tonnes of metal and burn everything that burns.

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