Sheet Rope Climbing & Jumping for Project Zomboid (v41.x)

Sheet Rope Climbing & Jumping

Now you are not afraid of zombies who are waiting for you to rappel to them.

When climbing up the rag rope:

  • Press the Forward key (default W) to climb up;
  • press the Back key (default S) to descend;
  • press the Run key (default Shift) to jump to the ground.

Works great. You can add or remove in the middle of a save.

Works, but there is a small problem with synchronization.

Standard rope climbing without changing direction works as before. But if another player jumps off or changes direction, you'll see his climbing animation still working, even though he may already be on the ground or in a building. After a couple of seconds, the position will synchronize. I'm new to modding, so I haven't figured out how to fix this yet.

Should be compatible with any mods.

Recommend: Climb Down the Rope

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