Potomac Indian for Project Zomboid (v41.x)

Potomac Indian

The Potomac Indian is a four-door sedan with a classically distinctive body style. This mid-sized car offers the characteristic look of the 1950s era, but it's somewhat hampered by an engine that's under powered for its size and weight. (Based on the 1952 Pontiac Cheiftan Deluxe)

Vehicle belonging to the Mafia 2 video game, which I exported to make it playable in Project Zomboid

This model brings 3 variants with it:

  • Civilian Version : With a HSV texture system, which adds more color variations based on the game engine.
  • Hot-Rod Version : This sedan was the favorite to modify to the maximum by the mechanics.
  • Fire Department Version : With an improved version of horns, making it more correct for its time.

The model has door, hood and trunk opening animations, in turn when its doors are separated from the body, they have their own model in the world.
It also includes an armor system and roofrack.

Required: Mechanical Recipe | Classic Edition

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