Kinda cool star wars blasters for People Playground

kinda cool star wars blasters

As the name of the mod implies, this mod adds a couple of blasters from star wars that are kinda cool.

Why? Well, The muzzle flash of the blasters is weird and i dont think there is a way to move it. And until someone finds a way (or zooi does something to the code of the blaster if thats the case) it will stay like this.

And for the part that makes this mod decent

This mod adds 14 different blasters!

And those are:
DC-15, DC-15S, DC-17, Valken-38x (and with a bipod), E-5, E-5S, A280C, E-11, E-11D, TL-50, DLT-19 (and also with a bipod), NT-242, DLT-19x and a Cycler Rifle!

This mod will also receive occasional updates that adds new blasters!

  • F-11D, SE-44C, FWMB-10K
  • This is a small quick update i manage to make in a few days i had. I might not release a new update though for a couple more months

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