SCP-1366 - Ru - Uncle stepa for People Playground

SCP-1366 - Ru - Uncle stepa

SCP-1366-Ru Uncle stepa

Object No.: SCP-1366-EN

Object Class: Euclid

Special conditions of maintenance: The maintenance of the object is not possible. The disappearances of people with deceased parents should be checked for the fact of the object's involvement. Recordings of video cameras installed in cities on the territory of the former USSR should be analyzed for the appearance of an object, and the consequences of its activity should be eliminated.

Description: SCP-1366 is a sentient humanoid creature resembling a mummified human corpse with a height of about 5 m. The body of the object is skinny, the skin is pale brown, looks dried up. On the whole body, except for the torso, there is practically no muscular relief - the limbs, head and pelvis are skin-covered bones. The length of the arms and legs is disproportionate to the body - they make up approximately two-thirds of the height of the object. In place of the left hand, there is a black-and-white rod embedded in the arm to regulate the movement of road transport. The head of SCP-1366 is devoid of eyeballs, the outer part of the nose and ears, the left half of the lower jaw is torn out of the joint. The object wears elements of the uniform of the USSR policemen corresponding to the 1970s - a dark gray tunic without shoulder straps and a casual cap without a cockade. These clothes have multiple damages in the form of tears and scuffs, there are several bullet-like holes on the cap.

SCP-1366 is able to abnormally influence the perception of people watching it - for them it looks like a man dressed in a police uniform of the USSR, and is perceived as a representative of law enforcement agencies, the fact of non-compliance of clothing with the current time period is ignored. When an object interacts with a person who is interested in it, others prefer not to react to this event. Apparently, the subjects are able to perceive the speech of SCP-1366 in full, despite the fact that due to damage to the speech apparatus of the latter, it is almost inarticulate. In addition, the object is able to exert mental influence on its victims to mislead them. These effects also work during the observation of the object via live video transmission. Thus, the only way to detect the fact of an object's activity is to analyze video recordings made with cameras on the territory of cities.

SCP-1366, for unknown reasons, is interested in the haphazard abduction and murder of people in countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. The connection between all the victims is manifested only in one thing - their parents were dead at the time of the abduction. The Foundation's researchers documented the abduction process during the only successful experiment, thanks to which it was possible to find the bodies of almost all the victims of the object.

+ Experiment No. 1366/19

+ - Mods that do not greatly affect the construction, so you can do without them.
*** - Mods that I didn't use but for some reason they appeared.

This contraption requires the following mods: Quick Right Click Options

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