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Zuccians SuperHumans

This mod adds 14 humans with new and super cool powers (literal time reversing, seeing the future, and much more). Along with these humans it also adds syringes for each of their powers, so you can give their powers to others


  • -syringes of every listed power (except for fluon)
  • -Halt: Stops the momentum of all objects by activating his hands
  • -Speed: Multiplies the velocity of everything by activating his hands
  • -Flow: Sees into the future and outlines trajectories of objects up to 7 seconds by activating his head. Once this 7 seconds passes, the objects go back to their original position and follow the outlines trajectory
  • -Aureus: Slows the flow of time drastically for everything except himself and other time masters for 10 seconds by activating his head
  • -Fluon: Shoots liquids from his arms, you can change the liquid he shoots by right clicking and choosing the options on his liquid pack. You can also hook syringes and other liquids up to the liquid pack
  • -Reversion: Makes save states of time by activating his front hand and can load save states by activating his back hand. Time masters are not affected by his power
  • -Tension: Wooden doll that can become anyone who touches its head by activating its head, activating it again will turn it back into a doll
  • -Puzzlr: Shoots puzzle pieces from his hands, anything that these puzzle pieces touch will be erased and 2 more puzzle pieces will spawn in its place. This spreads like hell
  • -Lotus: Makes poisonous flowers by touching something and activating his hands. Making the flower on a human will cause severe damage to it and making the flower on any machine will break it
  • -Antipode: Makes a save state of time every 7 seconds, activating his head rewinds to whatever save state he has made
  • -Agenda: Shoots playing cards out of his hands, these cards can trap any object and upon activation they release whatever object they trapped and delete themself
  • -Purain: Makes a flow of water by holding his front hand, activating his back hand will give him complete control of the water, and activating it again will launch the water from his hand
  • -Infernate: like purain but red
  • -Trance: Creates a ghost like clone of himself by activating his head, this clone is very sensitive but can be spawned multiple times. Activating his head again will cause the ghost to disappear

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: zuccian
  • Mod version: 15.06.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 5.5 mb
  • Source: Go to
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