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Annihilator Stealth

Annihilator Stealth is a universal transport stealth helicopter of the US Armed Forces. It is a game analogue of a real Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter. Equipped with a rocket launcher with universal guided missiles. The crew is 1 person, the pilot. But if possible, it can be expanded to 3-4. The game did not find popularity, due to the presence of stronger competitors and the relative weakness of its design. Sold at Warstock: Cache & Carry for between $2,902,000 and $3,870,000


"M" - Start the Main screw.
"L" - Decline.
"K" - Climb.
">" - Forward.
"<" - Back.
":" - Fold/unfold the chassis.
"B" - Shooting the first rocket.
"H" - Shooting the second rocket.

Rocket control:

"-" - Up.
"+" - Down.

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