TM-02 Khanjali for People Playground

TM-02 Khanjali

TM-02 Khanjali is the main battle tank from the GTA Online as an analogue of the real Polish tank PL-01. It has powerful armor, a good gun and mobility. Armed with a gun complex of a 105mm cannon, a small-caliber machine gun and an anti-personnel grenade launcher. The crew consists of two people, a driver and a gun combat installation operator. They sit in a hull armored capsule that protects against external influences and the explosion of ammunition. In the game it have popularity due to its characteristics and classification. Became the second tank after the Rhino. Sold at Warstock: Cache & Carry for $2,895,000 to $3,850,350


"B" - Shooting from the main gun.
"H" - Shooting from an anti-aircraft machine gun.
"Y" - Fire from a grenade launcher.
"M" - Start lifting the gun mount down.
"N" - Start lifting the gun mount up.
">" - Start moving.
"<" - Start moving backwards.
"/" - Use headlights.

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