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The machine was put into service in 1976 and became the world's first serial tank with a main power plant based on a gas turbine engine. The development of tank GTE in the USSR began in 1955-1958. Then two experimental gas turbine engines with a capacity of 1000 hp were manufactured and tested. Further work on tank gas turbine engines was carried out in Omsk by a Separate Design Bureau No. 29 (1961-1965), the Design Bureau of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant and since 1968 by the Scientific and Production Association named after him. Klimova.The team of the latter created a gas turbine engine, which received the name GTD-1000T. In the design of the combat vehicle, the spent elements of the T-64A tank are partially used: a cannon, ammunition, an automatic loader, separate components of the fire control system and armor protection

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