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Hello everyone! Due to real life issues i don't have enough time to build tanks. However i realized i haven't made a KV-2, but i have made a KV-1. Both use the same chassis, so i decided to make this in the meanwhile.

Features some slight improvements to the chassis, and ofcourse, how could i put a sniper rifle on the KV-2's gigantic turret? Mounted the 120mm cannon to fuel your enemy destruction desires ;)

  • H - Fire main gun
  • U - Drive tank forward
  • K - Rotate gun
  • N - Change the gun's rotation (up or down)

The Russo-Finnish war proved the soundness of the decision to manufacture the KV-1. However, when encountering difficulties on the heavily fortified Mannerheim line during the Winter War in Finland, the General Staff demanded a specially equipped version fitted with a heavy howitzer, intended to deal with concrete bunkers, in support of the regular KV-1 units. Instead of choosing the more pragmatic solution of a traditional SPG, they decided to use the same turret ring to accommodate a fully traversed, redesigned turret that housed the gargantuan howitzer. This gave the KV-2 an unmistakable profile, with its towering turret, which was only accessible by a ladder – an obvious target which was also notably top-heavy, compromising the lateral stability of the tank while crossing a sloped terrain, a problem which would later haunt Soviet tank crews. Only 203 were built in all from late 1939 to mid-1941.

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