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TOS-1A "Solntsepek— is a modification of TOS-1 "Pinocchio", a heavy multiple rocket launcher system on based on the T-72 tank, the TOS-1 was developed in the period from 1971 to 1979. The first prototypes on the T-72 chassis were manufactured at JSC "Design Bureau of Transport Engineering" in Omsk. The complex included a combat vehicle (BM) — a launcher with a package of 30 guides on the chassis of the T-72 tank and a transport-loading vehicle (TZM) on the KrAZ-255B chassis. In 1980, the machine successfully passed state tests and was recommended for adoption by the Soviet Army.

The Pinocchio system was intended for disabling lightly armored and automotive equipment, arson and destruction of structures and buildings, destruction of enemy manpower by shrapnel and shock wave created by the massive use of unguided rockets in thermobaric and smoke-burning equipment.

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it keeps randomly keeps exploding everytime i spawn it and i had to upgrade its rotor/motor so it can aim