SCP-001 - The Scarlet King for People Playground

SCP-001 - The Scarlet King

Object No.: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special conditions of detention: Given Dr. Robert Montauk's recent research, there is currently no need to take any action to contain SCP-001. The object is completely self-contained, and any intervention by the Foundation can cause irreparable damage to the contents of SCP-001.

Foundation personnel should not interact with any materials related to SCP-001, excluding anomalies that are already in the maintenance of the Foundation.

Description: SCP-001 is an entity commonly referred to as the Scarlet King. SCP-001 is currently in several alternate dimensions at the same time and cannot penetrate into the main dimension. However, it is assumed that he has made repeated attempts to penetrate the main dimension over the past few millennia of three hundred years. The physical, mental, and conceptual properties of SCP-001 are unknown to the Foundation; however, it continues to have a strong influence on a number of individuals and events in the main dimension.

It is believed that the existence of SCP-001 represents an active, but at the moment temporarily inactive scenario of "Cross-Pollination" of the Tashkent class1. If SCP-001 penetrates the main timeline, irreparable damage will be done to the current reality. The content of SCP-001 is a priority, however, not required. Any attempt to change the classification of SCP-001 will result in immediate dismissal by the O5 Board.

References to SCP-001 can be traced in the art and folklore of human and non-human cultures throughout the universe, including communities that have never been in contact with each other before. All descriptions have similarities in that they characterize a huge red creature wearing a golden crown or other headdress symbolizing monarchical power. Although the names attributed to SCP-001 vary, most contain two elements: a word denoting belonging to royal blood in combination with a word denoting the color red (or a shade of red). Cultures that do not have the concept of red, but form a name based on this pattern, use a color similar to the concept of red in English.

Most of the personnel, with the exception of those assigned to work with anomalies that are related to SCP-001, do not have information about the entity. As part of SCP-2317 containment procedures, Level 4 admittance2 personnel must be notified that SCP-2317 is in fact SCP-001. The truth of this statement is unknown, but this hypothesis has received strong support from several members of the council. The probability that SCP-2317 is anything more than a single incarnation of SCP-001 is quite low, because SCP-001 must exist simultaneously in several dimensions.

It is unknown when SCP-001 was discovered. The loss of several archives concerning the origin of the Foundation in 1889 during the "Great Confusion" prevented a complete reconstruction of the events, despite the fact that an investigation was soon conducted [DATA DELETED]. Over the years, there have been a large number of associations that have set themselves the goal of summoning SCP-001 to the main dimension. The last of them is the "Children of the Scarlet King", which was destroyed during a joint operation of the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition in January 2018. Its former leader, Deepesh Spivak, is currently in custody at the Foundation under the designation LPI-3172.

Addendum 01/06/2018: SCP-001 has recently been thoroughly investigated by Dr. Robert Montauk, Project Manager of SCP-001, SCP-231 and SCP-2317 and creator of Procedure 110-Montauk.

Based on the results of the investigation, SCP-001 has been reclassified as Safe by the decision of the O5 Council. At the request of the former O5-13, it was decided to submit a number of documents related to the investigation and providing additional context below. The documents were sorted, categorized and added by the former O5-13 itself with the permission of O5-1 to justify this reclassification.

+Phase 1: "Blood"
+Phase 2: "Concrete"
+Phase 3: "Howl"

+ - Mods that do not greatly affect the construction, so you can do without them.
*** - Mods that I didn't use but for some reason they appeared.

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