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PPG's favourite modding duo is back and with something new for you kiddos!

Ready or Not (RoN) is a tactical FPS developed by VOID Interactive, focusing on the SWAT division of the LSPD (The Los Suenos Police Department, based in the fictional West Coast city of Los Suenos, heavily inspired by the real-life Los Angeles.) The player will control the leader of a SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team, issuing orders to their teammates, and taking down dangerous criminal organizations, including:

  • The Hand, a right-wing domestic terror group that has associations with other groups and divisions around the world.
  • Bolton Security company, a heavily armed private security firm.
  • The Russian Mob, operating in businesses within the city of Los Suenos.
  • Meth addicts/cooks living in forgotten and abandoned buildings turned drug dens.
  • International human traffickers operating in the city port illegally.
  • The Left Behind, a coalition of American veterans that take part in violent protests via political killings.
  • Plus more!

87 human variants, recreated with acute accuracy and attention to the source material, as well as our own creative variants that fit the aesthetic and add to already existing factions, 126 pieces of functional armour and clothing that you can attach to the characters that allow you to create your own unique take on the factions, follow the game and recreate every character, or even use these versatile items along with other mods to create entirely new combinations, the possibilities are completely limitless. This mod also includes 121 weapons and variants, all with their own weight, damage, accuracy, and sound to give you as authentic handling as possible.

This is not only the definitive RoN mod, this is the definitive law enforcement and criminal mod. fully customizable SWAT operators, with a myriad of variations for gear and weaponry, will allow you not only to create scenes from the game, but also your own personal lore or storylines. These items are not only for the game, they can be used universally as well.

This is our largest mod yet. Yes, even bigger than the Troubles. OK, yeah, about the same size. But a little bigger. And even more detailed. We hope you enjoy playing with it just as much, if not more, than we enjoyed planning it, drawing it, scripting it, making icons for it, filming and editing a trailer for it, and pouring our love into it.

Thank you so much for checking this mod out, it means the world to us, both of us. We spent a lot of time making this, so i would like to ask you a simple request: plz like and favourite? plzzzz? ill love you forever. thx! :D

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