Crisis in The Czech Republic: An Anti-Furry 2 Creator DLC for People Playground

Crisis in The Czech Republic: An Anti-Furry 2 Creator DLC

This mod took less than 2 days somehow. But, it's here: Crisis in The Czech Republic. Now, what is this? It's a unbiased Anti-Furry mod made by a neutral person! How surprising!

It is December 2nd 2048 (2 years and a few months after the original time setting of the original Anti-Furry 2 mod), and the Anti-Furries are still at work eradicating Furry presence on Earth (I'm not going to make a Slovenia joke here). A 20-year old Specialist of the Anti-Furry Forces named Zawisza Hádek, a Czech-born male, is promoted to Lance Corporal following a heroic act in defusing a bomb-threat that threatened a important political structure in Bohemia.
The forces stationed in the Czech Republic was expanded, and a battalion part of the 194th Infantry Regiment was formed, led by Hádek himself. They were training the local Anti-Furry forces and keeping the peace when a paramilitary named the Fur-Paramilitary declared war on them. Said military was successful in recruiting some of the population to join their cause. A year later, the Fur-Paramilitary experimented with Super-Soldiers and made a batch of 5 to fight. This escalated the previously low-intensity conflict and caused a full military occupation of the Czech Republic and surrounding areas to crush the paramilitary.
Third-party rebels started to rise up, fighting every side and this eventually sparked a civil war...

The conflict is escalating day by day, and who knows where it's going to go.

  • 3 factions (Zawisza Hádek's Battalion, Fur-Paramilitary, and Civilians/Third-Party Resistance Fighters).
  • 16 humans.
  • 25+ pieces of armor (including a bomb belt and long-range radio lol).
  • 25 weapons (1 grenade, 24 firearms).

Required: Anti Furry Mod 2

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