NEPM - New England People's Militia for People Playground

NEPM - New England People's Militia

New England People's militia. Thanks to JUMBLR for helping with sprites
The grey - high quality PASGTs are Sturms, thank you Sturm.


- Generic DPM Longsleeve dude man
A non marked DPM jumpsuit man.

-NEPM DPM Marked Long/Short sleeves
Long and short sleeves DPM jumpsuit people with NEPM patches

-White T-Shirt Guy
Someone stole my DPM shirt! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!

-Black T-Shirt dudes
Three black t-shirts, a blank one, a NEPM patch, and a 5.11 patch.

-NEPM Vest
A grey vest with a radio, patch and pouches

-NEPM Vest
A black vest with a bodycam, radio, patches (why did i add a Gadsden flag?) and pouches. Its meh.

-Black PASGT
A meh PASGT Jumblr used to use, and now gave away.

Two grey PASGTs given to me by Sturm. They are hottttttttt.

It has weird shapes and a LONG mag. Weird to position.

-MERICA, HELL YEAH! AR-15 with holo sight.

-MAC 10
Spin da blockkkk

Even weird than the AK.

Also, I WILL update it! I will add more versions, more guns more everything! This is my love child.

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