SCP-002 - The "living" room for People Playground

SCP-002 - The "living" room

SCP-002 - The "living" room

Object Class: Euclid

Special conditions of detention: SCP-002 must be permanently connected to a suitable power supply in order to remain in a state that appears to be a charging mode. In the event of a power outage, the emergency barrier between the facility and the complex must be closed, and the staff must be evacuated immediately. As soon as the power supply in the Zone is restored, the entire area should be bombarded with alternating beams of X-ray and ultraviolet radiation until SCP-002 is connected to the power grid again and enters charging mode. Negative air pressure must be maintained at all times in the Detention Area.

A team of two (2) people is required to be present within 20 meters of SCP-002 or its holding area. They must maintain constant physical contact with each other in order to verify the existence of another person, since perception under the influence of an object can be blunted, distorted or undergo changes.

Employees with a security clearance below 3 are not allowed to access SCP-002. This requirement may be ignored if there is written permission from two (2) employees with a security clearance level 4 who are outside the Zone. During contact with the object, the command staff with such a permit must be accompanied by at least five (5) Level 3 security personnel, who have all permits and ranks revoked for the time of contact with the object. After contact, the command staff must be taken to a distance of at least 5 kilometers from SCP-002 and quarantined for seventy-two (72) hours, as well as subjected to psychological examination. If the condition of the employees is found satisfactory, the ranks and permits can be returned to them after the quarantine period has expired.

Description: SCP-002 resembles a fleshy tumor with a volume of approximately 60 m3. On one side there is an iron hatch that leads inside the object. The interior is a standard cheap room of small size. On one of the walls there is a window that is not visible from the outside. There is furniture in the room, which, as you can find out after a closer examination, is made of bones, hair and other biological substances that the human body produces. All studies have shown that the DNA of individual things do not match or are fragmented.

Detailed information about the detection of the object is given in the Muhlhausen report [document00.023.603].

Reference: To date, the SCP-002 object is the cause of the disappearance of seven employees. Also, during his time on maintenance, he furnished himself with two lamps, a rug, a TV, a radio, a bag chair, three books in an unknown language, four children's toys and a small potted plant. Tests with various experimental animals (including higher primates) failed due to the complete lack of reaction of SCP-002 to them. The object also does not react to corpses. Whatever process SCP-002 uses to transform organic material into furniture, it is activated only by the presence of a living person.

This contraption requires the following mods:

  • Accurate Resize & Position
  • SCP: Armory
  • Operation LSA Forces: Russia REMAKE
  • Detailed Mobile Task Forces
  • Scream mod
  • Status Icons
  • Blood on walls
  • Melee Weapons Mod
  • Rooms & Furniture
  • Doors Mod
  • SCP-610 Mod
  • SCP: PPG Edition

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Dvulikin
  • Mod version: 17.08.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.7 mb
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