CloddyMod for People Playground


Adds a whole bunch of random low quality crap, mostly for quality of life but for other things too.

Things Added
  • Camera | Forces the game to follow it if activated, can also rotate game camera & turn invisible.
  • Camera Smoothen Toggle | When ; is pressed the camera will be less snappy and smoothed. If RightShift is pressed alongside ; you can configure the smoothness.
  • Less Strict Camera Limits | You can zoom out much farther and aren't bound by the map. *(press rightshift to return to 0,0)
  • Context Menu Stuff | A bit more misc, can't list everything here.
  • Stop Sign | You know what time it is.
  • Damaged Planks | Regular planks that have been physically abused. Not much different.
  • Zombie, Skeleton | Spawnable versions of (dead) Skeletons and (undead) Zombies.
  • Liquid Syringes | All of the game's liquids syringes, excluding water and lava.
  • Coma Syringe | Permanently knocks out a human.
  • Secrets | A few secret objects you'll have to find by either searching the code or finding them yourself.
  • New content

Version 01.07.22 for People Playground


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