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Too Many Vehicles

A collection of 40 vehicle mods

Full List:


1. Grom-2; Shoots rockets
2. HMMWV; Has one machine gun
3. LAV-25; Has one cannon
4. Military Jeep
5. KFZ 250; Has two guns
6. Zumwalt Stealth Destroyer; Only boat, two big guns, one small gun


1. Combine Harvester; Insert people in the front of the harvester to grind them up
2. Forklift; Activate the fork to move up/down
3. Tractor
4. Crawler Crane; Activate crane to move it up and down, Activate hook to attach to an object (can be buggy)
5. School Bus


Trailers will attach when they touch the truck's attach point, Activate the trailer to detach it

a. Basic Trailer; Activate back door to open/close
b. Oil Tank Trailer; Can explode
c. Flatbed Trailer; Activate the ramp to raise/lower

1. Peterbilt 379
2. Iveco S-Way
3. Kenworth T680
4. International Box Truck; Activate back door to open/close
5. Dump Truck; Activate dump to raise/lower it
6. Garbage Truck; Activate back to open/close it, can also grind up people


All vehicles here come with flashing lights

1. Police car
2. Swat car; Activate back to open/close it
3. Police van; Activate back to open/close it
4. Ambulance; Activate back to open/close it
5. Firetruck; Activate the hose head to shoot water

Super Cars:

1. Bugatti Chiron
2. Ferrari 458
3. Lamborghini Aventador
4. Formula 1 Car
5. Dragster; Flames will shoot out the engine when started


1. Ford Escape SUV
2. BMW E90
3. Jeep Wrangler
4. Toyota Corolla
5. Chevy Silverado; Activate back to open/close it


1. Lawn mower; Small spinning blade on the bottom
2. Limousine
3. Monster truck
4. Covered Wagon; You can try connecting it to trucks like a trailer
5. Motorcycle
6. Model T
7. Amtrak Train
8. Saturn V Rocket; Will explode if it hits something and is going fast enough

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  • Author: Ass Monke
  • Mod version: 03.03.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 13.7 mb
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