Project-06 Submarine for People Playground

Project-06 Submarine

Brand new "Project" straight out of the oven okay now no kidding

let's go through each section.

Engine: I made propellers at the back which gives more realism to the boat but they are not just for beauty they are working also reworked generators made on the basis of purple crystal now they perform at least some function
Barracks: Well, all the same, about the processing of everything, I lied to the barracks, I changed only slightly
Armory: Armory now looks like an armory weapons and grenades in weapons cabinets (logically) and not just cannons suspended in the air
Control room: Made the radars better and more realistic also added a panic button that triggers the alarm
Torpedo Bay: This boat is no longer armed with just one torpedo, it now has 6 of them
The first type of torpedoes: The very first EMP torpedoes that cut out all the energy of the enemy and also cause little damage (since there are bombs in addition to EMP)
The second type of torpedo is a purple crystal energy-based torpedo that incinerates everything in its blast radius.
The third type of torpedo: Energy torpedo, when colliding with a solid surface, creates an energy funnel that emits lightning and then explodes
The submarine is completely destructible


1-Turn on the light
2-Swim forward
3-Swim back
0-Reactor explosion (for rp)
-Press the button in the middle of the table with radars to turn on the alarm
Numpad 1-Launch 1 EMP Torpedo
Numpad 2-Launch 2 EMP Torpedoes
Numpad 3-Launch 1 normal torpedo
Numpad 4-Launch 2 regular torpedoes
Numpad 5-Launch 1 energy torpedo
Numpad 6-Launch 2 Energy Torpedoes

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