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Ps VDNH Stantion (Metro 2033)

VDNKh of the year 2033 is a powerful station with a stable economy mainly due to the production of mushroom tea, which is known throughout the Metro. It is second only to Pechatnikov and Sokol tea. The commonwealth of Circle Line stations dreamed of prying into such wealth for some time, which is why most Hanseatic merchants moved to the station, hoping for lucrative business. VDNH is also known for its pigs, raised for protein and leather. Residents of the station consider themselves very civilized people, with strict laws and rules.
This is my first "map"... It is completely playable and worked out, all the layers have been put in their place and all the boxes are where they are supposed to be... In connection with the future mod for multiplayer, I decided to build such a "building". I invested by the way that only 750 + - objects, freizhennom state is not very demanding ...
Controls no, do not forget to experiment with coliseum...

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