Titanfall 2 Vipers Northstar V2 for People Playground

Titanfall 2 Vipers Northstar V2

A powerful robot from the Titanfall 2 universe for People Playground.


H = open and close the cockpit
K = start main engine takes about 8 seconds to fully charge
I = thrust up (only works if the flight core is fully charged (to descend, just turn this off))
L = left thrust engines activate for forward thrust
J = reverse thrust for rearward movement
P = air brakes make you go slower, allow you better control, change direction or fly slower (turning on and off the light at the back will let you know if it is on or off)
O = hold to charge the railgun once to fire it (you'll need to use your mouse to aim the railgun)
U = deploy the rocket launcher module
Y = spam this button to fire rockets (make sure the grenade launcher module has been deployed first)
M = the laser sight for weapons can be useful for some people (turn it on and off)

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