Mod «World War Zero» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.13.1 - 1.13.5)

World War Zero

October, 2063. An unidentified object strikes Earth's North Pole. The impact results in the greatest natural disaster humanity had yet known. The following period of planetary chaos would come to be called the Deluge.
It is now January 1st, 2101. Humanity survived the Deluge, but the face of the planet was forever changed. Massive flooding caused coastlines everywhere to retreat inland, many old nations crumbled in the face of the disaster, while many survived. It has been two decades since the so-called Deluge-era ended, with humanity being able to continue its regular existence. But winds of change never cease blowing, and humanity will soon face its final challenge, a conflict to decide the fate of the planet. This final war would be called...

World War Zero

World War Zero is an overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV. Taking place in the 22nd century, the mod features a familiar-yet-foreign world, filled with locations and nations both old and new. WWZ is largely a gameplay-focused mod, created by a tiny team of (4) modders, and while the mod has now been released, development will not be stopping any time soon.


As an overhaul mod, WWZ has plenty of features to explore:

  • An overhauled world map, a flooded Earth
  • Over a hundred new nations, complete with custom starting leaders
  • Brand new and (far as I know) unique technology tree
  • Full unique content for the USNA and Indonesia
  • Regional focus trees for Europe, Russia and Africa
  • Regional unification for Europe, Russia, Africa, Mexico, Central Asia, South America and the Western Hemisphere (USNA)
  • New laws, including unique laws for select nations
  • The National Characteristics system, giving you modifiers that stay with you until the end of the game
  • High replayability as a result of the randomization system, which randomizes elements such as factories, militaries and resources for each new campaign
  • And much more!
  • Belarus now has a namelist
  • Fixed some prerequisites in the Russian focus tree/decisions

Version 18.03.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.11)

  • Quickfix for satellites, savegame compatible, fix will take effect the next time satellites are launched/destroyed.


  • Space mechanic. Establish satellite networks around the Earth, colonize the Moon and exploit its riches, and fight your enemies for control of the Earth orbit and the Moon itself. USNA, Australasia, China, India, Japan and EuroFed start the game with active space programs
  • State coring mechanic. Core non-core states, the price of which is determined on a state-by-state basis
  • Improved nuclear weapons. Nuclear strikes now kill civilian population of the struck state, and apply state modifiers that get worse the more a state is hit
  • Bridge construction projects. After researching the relevant industrial technology, you are able to construct massive bridges connecting continents and spanning large bodies of water
  • New generic focus branch. For nations with a government form National Characteristic, a new branch of the focus tree is unlocked
  • Space-related generic focuses. Kickstart your own space program, and claim dominion over the Earth’s orbit or the entirety of the Moon


  • Indonesia has seen a number of improvements and bugfixes
  • Added new space-themed loading screen
  • Post-USNA states of California, Texas, Northwest Imperative, Mississippi and Cascadia have unique leaders
  • Post-USNA states of California, Great Lakes, Northeast Combine, Appalachia and Texas have short unique focus branches
  • Slightly expanded Northwest Imperative’s unique focus branch
  • Every post-USNA nation (should) comes with a unifier flag/cosmetic tag
  • Unique economic laws for Japan and Korea
  • Leader of the GJA now a field marshal
  • Nations where a Corporation has their headquarters start with relevant Corporation already selected
  • All rivers of the world are now two sizes larger
  • In preparation for the coming Israel patch, Israel starts the game with a unique OOB and some national spirits. The states of Israel also have some new victory points
  • New map mode to show continents
  • A number of states now start with a rocket site (a requirement for many space mechanic actions)
  • The state of Khovd has been split in two for more pleasing borders in the event that Russia and China split Mongolia
  • The Research Teams teased a long time ago but broken by BBA have now been fixed and are ingame, found in the R&D section
  • Tsarist remnant leaders now also field marshals/admirals
  • Should the Tsarinadom manage to reach its enclaves, they can annex said countries with a decision
  • Added Eurasianism to Imperium of Rus and Rodnover Reclaimers
  • Imperium of Rus now has a proper unifier cosmetic tag
  • New unification content for Middle Eastern nations (not counting Israel), including cosmetic tags and so on
  • New formables for Germany, the Balkans and the Nordic kingdoms
  • Central Asian nations (not counting GJA and Sufi) have small focus branches about the unification of Central Asia
  • United Kingdom, Siamese States and Republic of Japan have new national spirits about relevant royalty
  • USNA has received two new generals from game start, and an event about them
  • USNA’s Canada pacification mission has been updated to fit new coring mechanic
  • USNA’s Attaché mechanic has been updated, you now receive bonuses depending on the level of approval, hover over the approval meter to see more
  • Slightly modified the USNA post-Canada missions for better flow
  • Russian, African and Chinese communists have new national spirits about their respective forms of communism
  • The country selection screen has been graphically updated
  • Added a number of AI strategies. For one, Gaia and Sahara should ignore everyone else politically, and vice versa, and USNA should be a little bit more competent in their Western Hemisphere conquest (though the AI is still practically guaranteed to fail due to its own stupidity)
  • The Sahara starts the game as a demilitarized zone
  • Added new manpower law, “Unarmed nation”, made for countries like Gaia but I suppose the player can always take them if they want to
  • Modified certain technologies to increase the amount of resources resource buildings produce
  • Switched Egypt’s core on Sinai to a claim
  • Switched Turkey’s core on Georgia to a claim
  • Belgium now core of both France and Germany
  • Easter Island now claimed by both South American nations
  • Albania and Sofia now claimed by Balkans
  • When leaving EuroFed, former members will now leave the Euro Economic Zone
  • Upon independence, former EuroFed states receive a temporary national spirit regarding independence
  • Added the Pacific Mandate Termination, when the world reaches 50% tension, the Pacific island nation will distribute its holdings to relevant nations and cease existing
  • Added and modified certain unit templates for Russian nations, Canada and USNA to include militia
  • Added a number of debugging log effects, if you open the console during gameplay you can see what other nations are up to (to a certain degree)


  • Added a working weather system. Previously the weather of the world was just a basic “it works” thing, now it has been somewhat improved. There are a total of four “weather zones”, which are applied in relevant parts of the world. The current version is lacking in graduality, so weather changes may and will be sudden and drastic. Such is life in WWZ
  • Various country history file fixes, such as China lacking the correct technologies
  • Gaia and Sahara are effectively unplayable pending future changes (as in they have no decisions, focus trees etc)
  • Former content regarding coring states has been removed to prevent overlap with the new coring mechanic
  • Fixed a province in Northern South America that was cut off from the world
  • Added a number of sea crossings around the world
  • Updated military leader selection screens graphically
  • Eliminated certain vanilla political events that could cause nations to switch ideologies unintentionally
  • All resource buildings now produce double the resources
  • EuroFed Federal States focus tree availability fixes
  • EuroFed focus tree idiotproofed (I am the idiot)
  • The amount of trains at game start doubled (AI really loves to take that train decision that gives you free trains)
  • The vanilla Polish cavalry charge loading screen replaced with an original one


Version 25.10.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.4)

  • "Enact Policy" decisions can now be fired more than once, as intended
  • USNA air force mission fixed and improved, you can now either make 800 CAS or 400 Tactical Bombers
  • Added a basic CAS template for everyone
  • Unique sites now work as intended, giving their effect to state controllers instead of state owners
  • Russian regional focus tree air equipment problem fixed
  • Disabled all non-jet or rocket engines on the aircraft designer, disabled all defensive turrets as well
  • Some loc fixes, including an attempt to solving the liberalism problem with Turkey


Version 16.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)

  • Russian warlords will avoid diplomacy with each other
  • Russian warlords now unlock various cosmetic tags (in most cases) when they increase in status. Flags for said cosmetics still underway
  • Tsarina Aleksandra's personality trait "Rightful Heir" has its loc fixed
  • Modified some post-unification expansion content for Russia, you should now always get either a core or a claim when appropriate
  • Pre-unification content of Russia now gets locked away post-unification, preventing some exploits
  • Added decisions for major countries to send military aid to Canada if the war continues for long enough
  • Added decision for Finland to send military aid for Karelia if world tension is high enough
  • Finland, Sweden and Norway start the game with many shared treaties and opinion buffs now
  • Trade laws now increase the amount of intelligence "leaked" to foreign countries
  • Added world tension requirements to ideologies for sending lend lease/guaranteeing a nation
  • Improved the focus title plate graphic assets to make it clearer which focuses are available/unavailable
  • Added a number of claims/cores across the world for nations with rightful clay outside their borders (for instance France now has a core on the island of Brittany)
  • Added missing gfx for an EuroFed national spirit
  • Ensured that in the case that an EuroFed puppet gets independence, they lose their EuroFed National Characteristics, which are replaced with a new set of three NC's
  • EuroFed puppet AI should now rush the post-Brussels Conference focuses more effectively
  • EuroFed AI will now act smarter during the Brussels Conference, meaning the AI now has an actual chance (roughly 50% atm) of succeeding in the conference
  • The randomization scripts for global infrastructure and resource facilities has been tweaked, players should find the world with higher average infrastructure, and greater amounts of resources available domestically and on the market
  • Added new terrain pictures
  • Other minor changes


Version 05.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)


  • Various improvements across the board based on feedback
  • The "Pacify Canada" mission now requires 50% or more compliance and 10% or less resistance in each state to complete. Additionally, defeating the Canadian revolt grants 10% compliance in all Canadian states.
  • The Military Reform mission has been reworked slightly. If you fail a mission, the penalties will be applies, and the mission will restart. Additionally, the related National Spirit will incrementally lower its debuffs as you complete mission, finally disappearing when reform is completed.
  • Naval reform mission should now work correctly.
  • In the event of USNA collapse, Mexican/South American nations should now get their freedom as intended.
  • Slightly increased USNA beginning war support
  • Added event to inform player when they reach the end of current content


  • Numerous improvements to the overall experience
  • Added missing loc and tweaked existing loc
  • Globalist path has been nerfed
  • Removing the Anti-Indonesian Resistance mechanic made slightly easier


  • New loading screen, made with Midjourney AI
  • Fixed oversight where nations could not declare war on nations of the same ideology
  • When declaring independence from the Federation, European nations lose their EF-related National Characteristics, and receive a new random set
  • Problems with nuke and war justification events should be fixed
  • Renamed Seinäjoki to Seinämeri
  • Renamed Dukedoms and Principalities in Russia to correct forms
  • Clarified European Federation coring decision unlock tooltip
  • Event picture to event when a commander is wounded has been replaced
  • Resource buildings have been made cheaper, from 15000 IC to 10000 IC (Initial cost)
  • Economic and manpower laws have been tweaked, nations should have a notably smaller manpower pool now, will continue to monitor balance
  • Fixed incorrect opinion modifier relating to Brussels Conference


Version 02.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.x)


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