Mod «Norway Expanded» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.12)

Norway Expanded

This is an overhaul mod for Norway, aiming to add more flavour to an Norway play-through, without significantly affecting game balance

Unique Focus Tree for Norway

  • Gives Norway its own focus tree, divided into political, industrial, and Army/Navy/Air branches
  • The Political Tree is divided into two main sections: the Historical (Democratic) section, which Norway starts on, and the ahistoric alternate half, which is unlocked if you allow the democratic government to collapse
  • Additional focus trees have been made for both Norway in Exile and the Quisling Regime, in a similar vein to the Free French and Vichy French Focus trees

Richer Historical Flavour

Johan Nygaardsvold rules Norway as part of a minority government - the Labour Party he represents only being able to secure around 40% of the National Vote in the last election. As a result, he must govern with the support of the other political parties to maintain his democratic mandate. In game this is now represented, as the focuses you choose effects the opinions of both the Labour Party, and the other mainstream Parties active in Norway.

Norway is a nation with strong democratic convictions, with only a very small percentage of voters supporting fringe parties like the Communists or the Fascists. Despite this however, in its entire history up until 1936, it had failed to produce a single majority government. To make matters worse, recent electoral history points to growing division and turmoil between the parties: the last labour government of 1928 lasted only a few weeks, and the Farmers' Party government of 1931-33 met a similar fate as their coalition support collapsed. With disagreements and bickering commonplace, the collapse of the Nygaardsvold cabinet may potentially present an opening for ambitious fringe parties to threaten Norwegian democracy....

Norway was one of the worst affected countries in Europe by the Great Depression, due to unfortunate compounding circumstances of economic policies of the 1920s. By 1936, Norway is starting to make its full recovery, with significant growth occurring within its urban and industrial centres. However, despite this promising growth, unemployment remains high, and rural areas are still yet to recover, with spiralling agricultural debt and frequent bankruptcies. Norway's starting position now reflects this, with a number of bad economic national spirits sapping away at your starting industry, and crippling your growth potential. Dealing with these issues should be a top priority in order to get your country up and running

Despite economic hardship however, Norway has a decent military strength in 1936, with a significant number of divisions for its population, as well as a respectably-sized fleet. This was due historically to the continuation of National Service, which had been maintained since the First World War, despite Norway's continued neutrality. However, although this gives you a decent number of starting divisions, National Service is not popular. It will be up to you to decide whether to finally put an end to the mobilisation of the Great War, or to maintain it, in anticipation of conflicts to come...

A Fleshed-Out Quisling Regime

Historically, when the German Army invaded Norway on the 9 April 1940, Vidkun Quisling announced a formal coup against Nygaardsvold's government, establishing a quasi-independent collaborationist regime that would work closely with the German occupation forces, and Josef Terboven's Reichskommissariat Norwegen. In vanilla Hoi 4, this is simply represented by Germany having 20% compliance within Norway. Now however, the situation plays out in full, creating a German puppet regime in Oslo under Vidkun Quisling, and beginning a Civil War.

Similar to the separate focus trees for Free & Vichy France, Norway-in-exile and the Quisling Regime now have their own focus trees to work through after the German invasion

Norway-in-Exile can make use of the national treasury that has been successfully evacuated from Norway to fund its efforts, acquiring factories and dockyards to form a small military force, whilst also working to contact, and direct the resistance to pave the way to liberation

Meanwhile the Quisling Regime has to tackle not only the effects of partisan resistance, but also has to manage the power-sharing agreement between Quisling's Nasjonal Samling Cabinet, and the German occupation forces of Terboven's Reichkommissariat

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