Mod «Den Svenska Tigern» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.9)

Den Svenska Tigern

The year is 1936 and it's election year again. Socialdemokraterna sits in a comfortable position, having begun discussions about lowering the army budget further to much dismay of other parties in the government.
Since 1926 Sweden has kept its military spending low and so far it has paid off, with reforms being slowly put into motion to create a proper welfare state.

What is still unknown is that the war is about the be plunged into war and that Sweden will have to ride a careful balance to not get pulled into it. As there may be some way to benefit from the neutrality.


  • 204+ Focuses in a unique Focus Tree for Sweden
  • An Expanded Neutrality System (for Sweden)
  • 100+ Events
  • A Multitude of Primary Paths for Foreign and Internal policy
  • New victory points within Sweden

Semi-Detailed Content

Swedish Focus Tree

Democratic - Historical: Try to balance the demands of Germany, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom and come out avoiding being forced into a conflict. If things turn to the worst you may abandon your neutrality and finally pick a side on your own terms.

Democratic - Alternative: Unite the Nordic countries under an anti-fascist and anti-communist pact as you try to prepare them for the conflict that is coming. Possibly coming together in one country or expanding the alliance to include the other baltic nations.

Communist: Form a government with the communists and get rid of the monarchy, before either fighting the capitalist menace or spread communism through Eastern Europe.

Fascist: March on Riksdagshuset and work towards restoring the Swedish Empire to it's former glory!

Monarchist: Let the king take power after the failed Fascist coup and take a more active stance to protect the Nordic from those who seek to expand into it and exploit it!

Neutrality System

Avoid being pulled into a war by making concessions to other nations, while making sure that their presence doesn't make them capable of forcing your hand. All the while avoiding that the worst comes and their patience runs out and chose to instead invade you to avoid you falling into enemy hands.

Important Details

Supported languages:
English (only so far)

The primary democratic paths are more in line with avoiding conflict until you can grow powerful enough to no longer be pushed around by those around you.

For those that want to do more war-like stuff it's recommended to go for the Communist or Fascist part of the focus tree.

To reach the focus Formalize The Pact, you need to wait until you can pick the focuses The Unthinkable and Regeringen Nothin which may take until 38-39 depending on circumstances.

This mod is obviously not iron-man compatible.

  • Added Portrait for Archibald Douglas
  • Fixed minor errors in localisation

Version 24.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.9)


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