Mod «The Balkan Wars: A Fire in Strumica» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.7)


The background to the wars lies in the incomplete emergence of nation-states on the European territory of the Ottoman Empire during the second half of the 19th century. Serbia had gained substantial territory during the Russo-Turkish War, 1877–1878, while Greece acquired Thessaly in 1881 (although it lost a small area back to the Ottoman Empire in 1897) and Bulgaria (an autonomous principality since 1878) incorporated the formerly distinct province of Eastern Rumelia (1885). All three countries, as well as Montengro, sought additional territories within the large Ottoman-ruled region known as Rumelia, comprising Eastern Rumelia, Albania, Macedonia, and Thrace.

Countries with playable focus trees:

  • Bulgaria (2 Trees, First Balkan War, Second Balkan War)
  • Serbia (2 Trees, First Balkan War, Second Balkan War)
  • Greece (2 Trees, First Balkan War, Second Balkan War)
  • Ottoman Empire (1 Tree, First Balkan War

I'd recommend playing Bulgaria as a starter nation as it has the most content and features at the moment.

Mod checked on game version: 1.10.7

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Hearts of Iron 4, unpack the contents of the archive to the folder Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod and enable the modification in the launcher.

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