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Total Mobilisation

Total Mobilisation provides a true military, economic and political simulator during the World War 2 era. The entire combat system has been reworked from scratch to create realistic and deadly combat similar to those used in operational wargames set in the period.

Total Mobilisation seeks to challenge players through the representation of historical trade offs. Players must think strategically and operationally in order to succeed - there is no single ideal path towards victory - only a better or worse gameplan versus your opponents.

  • Overhauled and Dynamic Economy: Civilian factories build automatically with historical growth for different countries implemented
  • Dynamic threat system: Countries automatically mobilise based off how threatening potential enemy countries are (based off ideology or competing factions)
  • Ammunition system: Artillery, planes and tanks don't work without ammo so plan your attacks
  • Fully integrated peacetime and wartime reserves and mobilisation
  • Historical Combat Effectiveness Values based off the works of Nigel Askey and Dupuy
  • NRM Inspired Naval Combat within vanilla's simplicity
  • Historical distribution of industrial capital and resources
  • Historically accurate production figures, combat attrition rates and manpower
  • Historically accurate equipment costs and purchases
  • Uniquely sourced soundtrack designed for a cinematic musical experience

This mod seeks to overhaul gameplay through the overhaul, replacement and development of core gameplay mechanics - rather than through building on vanilla systems. Due to the nature of the rework - some things are unifinished, although they are mostly vanilla/flavour things and are in the process of being fixed. This includes many high command characters, focuses and some decision.

Multiplayer play has been the main focus - although AI is still challenging and is able to play with these mechanics to a certain degree. Due to the nature of balancing - we recommend playing as majors or regional minors to have the best experience possible.

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  • Put 30% minimum of your mils on ammo. Ammunition gets spent fast - especially when you have lots of bombers.
  • Convert Mils instead of building new ones - there is no penalty to conversion and your civilian factories will automatically grow.
  • Make sure you select the Mobilise Population Decision when at war
  • You might think you have an insane amount of equipment as someone like the Soviets, but these are historical numbers for example they had 20k planes and 20k tanks in 1941! We've increased attrition to historical levels so it's a good idea to keep a large war stock and if you think that sounds too easy just try hold off the Germans.
  • Play Soviets, Italy or Japan for a challenging game in singleplayer. Other major nations we recommend buffing the AI to provide challenge for more experience players.
  • Starting mil factory count is based on accurate military spending figures in 1936

Please report and bugs/balance issues and anything you want to see added.

Known issues:

  • Not owning No Step Back results in a crash when opening production lines - we're in the process of patching and will be done very shortly.
  • Economy takes a day or two to initialise
  • Manpower/reserve systems take one month to intialise. Overflow messes up UI on larger countries but have no impact on gameplay.
  • Many obsolete vanilla assets are still which do nothing.
  • Armed force planning currently non-functional
  • Don't worry we're working hard to iron them all out!
  • Update

Version 17.12.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)

  • Update to 1.12.7


Version 06.12.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.6)


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The mod is bugged out at startmenu and many bugs that slows the game fix it please!