Mod «Every State Independent - Equestria at War» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.13)

Every State Independent - Equestria at War

This is a version of Every State Independent mod that uses Equestria at War map. Though this doesn't use anything from the original ESI mod, only the main idea behind is the same. Most importantly, this mod doesn't have eye burning state colors that original ESI has and each state gets a unique (at least i hope they are) color.

Apart from Every State being independent, this mod includes a set of events to randomise or equalise the starting situation of the states. You can skip this setup and use the default options, which for the most part are what the state or the country that state is part of has in Equestria at War. Mod also includes a scripted GUI to claim, core or increase compliance in states. There are also decisions to form nations.

This is a submod for Equestria at War, so run the mod with it.

You may want to play the mod with Battle Royale, if the expansion progress feels too slow. ESI-EaW's own State Management decisions used to be really performance heavy, so there is a starting option to disable the State Management GUI, if you use something else. Performance improvement won't be as big as it used to, but every bit should help when it comes to Every State Independent.


- Run the mod with OpenGL renderer. Currently there is an issue, likely related to medium flags, that i couldn't find the fix for and causes crashes during startup, or if that doesn't happen during ideology change or when a formable is formed if DirectX renderer is used. You can change this either from the launcher options, or using the -opengl starting option. To do the later, right click HoI4 on Steam and click "Properties". At the bottom of the screen write "-opengl" on the Launch Options box and close the screen. Then run HoI4.

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