Mod «Communist Japan - Unstoppable Asian Revolution» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)

Communist Japan - Unstoppable Asian Revolution

Had the Japanese Communist Party and Japan's Workers' and Peasants' movement not been purged by the Emperor's government between 1920 and 1930, would Japan's fate have been a different one?

The main contents:

1. Japan total overhaul: New focus tree, a large number of new events and decisions, new advisors, manufacturers, and generals, exclusive spy operation, etc.
2. PRC's total overhaul: New focus tree, new events, and decisions, new generals and manufacturers, exclusive spy operation, etc.
3. Expansion of Indian Communist path.
4. The exclusive radio "Red Sun International" recorded 20+ songs.


1. Some new content is added to the Soviet and Britain communist path.
2. Central America was integrated into one independent country which is the Socialist Republic of Central America, where Communist Japan and the United States conducted diplomatic and even military confrontations.

The main focus of this mod is Communist Japan (CPJ), and most of the content is related to the CPJ. If Japan is not a Player, please set their AI behavior to Communist (in Custom Game Rules).

After the civil war, the main task of the CPJ is to help Communist China to reunify China and liberate the Asian Region; Help the Soviet Union fight against fascism, or rule the Pacific and liberate the American continent. Japanese AI takes actions with these goals by default.

About AI:

This mod strengthens the AI of major countries (including the Soviet Union, Germany, PRC, Japan, Britain, the United States, and Italy). AI will optimize their production strategy and use better army templates and armor design (especially Germany, Soviet, and PRC).
This mod is NOT compatible with the Expert AI mod because it changes the entire game and is incompatible with most mods that have national focus trees. Hence, I choose to boost the AIs myself.
Therefore, please be careful when giving AI additional enhancements.


In the Custom Game Rule Settings before the game starts, you can choose the vanilla historical path, a random path, or the British-German-Italian Axis timeline provided by this mod. The last one is challenging. If you want to try the special British-German-Italian Axis timeline, please select the following settings in the Custom Game Rules:

  • Historical AI Focus
  • Fascist (not Default) for Germany
  • Empower the King's Party for Britain
  • Democratic - Alternate (a.k.a. little entente) for France

Future do:

The Anarcho-Communist Path of Japan. This will be a big work cause it needs at least more than 30 new focuses, therefore it may take quite long time.

After you have a good time with Communist Japan, you may also enjoy playing the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Soviet Union, or India. These countries have rich contents as well. Now, have a great time~
The content of this mod is based on the theme of joint anti-fascism. It is not recommended that players fight against their proletarian companions.

File info

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  • Author: CuteTrap
  • Mod version: 27.08.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 80.5 mb
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