Mod «German Tank Blueprints (Deutsche Panzer Baupläne)» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.9)

German Tank Blueprints (Deutsche Panzer Baupläne)

After my success with my other older mods, here's something new.. The mod was actually only intended for myself as a little help, but I decided to provide the tool for you. Maybe it's useful for you too.

Blueprints for a historically correct German Panzerwaffe. A small tool to recreate historically correct tank patterns of the German Panzer Forces in the Third Reich with the new tank designer. I took most of the designs from the 'German Historical Tank Designs' Guide which you can find in the Steam Workshop. 'Alice' has created a very good guide.

In the screenshot you can see many new graphics for your tank designs. I created 256 high quality new icons for the German tanks. For each tank model there are also different camouflage paint schemes and versions.

Source of my tank icons is the awesome website The graphics were created by David Bocquelet and many other artists. Once again, thank you for allowing me to use these awesome tank graphics.

I hope you still enjoy my little tool and it brings a bit of immersion into the game. Have fun ;-)


Recommended game language: GERMAN

You will find a little tank button in the right of your screen "German Tank Blueprints". The button can by moved. When you click it, "German Tank Blueprints" will open.

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