Mod «Calm Before the Storm» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.3)

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm is a Total Overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV that presents an in-depth and detailed scenario starting in 1933. Featuring many new political options, large focus trees, and high-quality graphics, get ready to write or rewrite history!


  • Large and dynamic focus trees for several nations in order to show you exactly what your government is doing.
  • Content stretching from 1933 to 1948, giving you fifteen years of interesting gameplay.
  • Many different scenarios, including the Second Russian Civil War and an alternate Spanish Civil War.
  • Complex Event Chains that can lead to many different results, such as the restoration of the Hohenzollern Monarchy, the establishment of the Spanish Socialist Republic, or the early end of the Roosevelt Presidency.
  • Twelve Ideologies and many detailed Subideologies to give you an in-depth explanation of what your government actually wants.
  • A Parliamentary Mechanic, making the democratic option worthwhile to play!
  • High-quality graphics. Speaks for itself.
  • The Kaiserreich minister system, allowing a more in-depth look at who is involved in your government.


  • Added events for the German occupation of Denmark (and the occupations of Greenland and Iceland)
  • Added new decisions and mechanics to Socialist Spain during their Revolution
  • Added Dutch East Indies
  • Added 16 news events
  • German flavor events
  • Italian flavour events
  • Added extra options for some occupations events in the Balkans
  • Added cosmetic tags for a West, East and North Germany
  • Added Occupation event for Liberia, Ulster and China
  • Added an extra number to the version label
  • Added 2 starting ideas for Shanxi


  • Socialist Spain SCW and politics tree
  • Rearranged and rebalanced Nazi politics tree

### BALANCE ###

  • Nerfed Soviet shipments to the Republicans, and made the USSR less likely to send artillery
  • Buffed German and Italian shipments to the Nationalists
  • Locked militia division templates for all SCW contenders
  • Packing the Court still removes popularity, but now it gives 350 PP and 5% stability
  • Nerfed the Netherlands and Belgium further
  • Germany can now only invite Italy to the Axis if they are winning a war against France, Greece, or Yugoslavia
  • Post-Civil War political focuses will now remain available for Republican Spain after capitulating
  • Austria can no longer join the Axis through the generic focus tree
  • Nazi Germany can no longer start Operation Kolibri in 1933
  • Italian decisions regarding faction joining slightly edited
  • Italy now starts with an air force
  • Mongolia now starts with an air force
  • Mongolia starts with more technologies unlocked
  • Commanders added for Mongolia
  • Bohemia-Moravia will now use the RK tree
  • Increased World Tension requirements to justify wargoals for all ideologies
  • Removed 1 starting research slot for Bhutan, Nepal, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunis
  • Significantly buffed the DNVP economic tree, by adding extra factories and consumer goods reductions
  • Buffed the Nazi political tree
  • Removed the Communist China enclave in Sichuan
  • Removed the army debuffs to Sinkiang, and gave them back the Ili state
  • Added starting tungsten in Galicia and León, and made the focus “Open New Mines” provide even more tungsten to those areas
  • Added more steel to Asturias and León
  • The Sinkiang nations now start with Extensive Conscription
  • The Chaco War idea now gives an additional +50% manpower
  • The Radicals in France now are in every ruling coalition (sticky ones) ncreased political power cap from 400 to 800
  • Reduced needed time to hold London, Paris or Moscow to reduce the Bitter Loser spirit from 30 days to 15
  • In order to get the Endsieg tree, Germany must now have the Improved National Spirit idea
  • Labour will now receive extra seats if they win the election, to ensure that they don’t end up in a minority government

### BUG FIXING ###

  • Ethiopia’s idea for ‘Italian Bombing’ now works properly
  • Fixed El Salvador release decision
  • Fixed Court Packing event chain
  • The Selective Training Act is now unlocked by the correct focus
  • Nationalist Spain can now get rid of the famine if they go republican
  • Properly fixed MR pact, the event should fire now with proper borders
  • Germany can now get its WW2 buff by invading a member of the Allies, instead of just by invading Britain or France
  • Republican Spain can now actually start the revolt if they have capitulated
  • Released Puppets now start with their ruling party as part of their coalition
  • Defeating the 1934 Revolution before they start the SCW will now remove all SPC cores, and not just the one in Asturias
  • Fixed the annexation of Czechoslovakia, adding the option to give Hungary Carpathian Ruthenia (as historical) and further cosmetic fixes
  • Hungary now gets claims in the Second Vienna Award states after annexing them, and a core in one of them
  • Fixed US focus tree removing non-existent military factories
  • Austria will now get the far-right tree when they switch ideologies
  • Britain accepting the Anglo-German Naval Treaty now actually unlocks the Anglo-German Naval Cooperation focus
  • Fixed exploit where democratic Germany could join the Allies and then invade France through the rearmament crisis.
  • Ludendorff is now unavailable as an army advisor after December 1937
  • Fixed Norwegian bug that blocked the second half of the political tree
  • Germany can’t befriend Italy while at war with them anymore
  • France’s Promote Decisions now have proper localization
  • Fixed American Postwar Tree adding the spirit “Silence after the Storm” twice
  • Lithuania will no longer go fascist in AI hands
  • Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand will no longer start outside of the Allies for those who don’t own TfV
  • Fixed the “Bring in Plundered Factories” focus
  • Fixed the Endsieg event not firing
  • Fixed a bug with the partition option for Yugoslavia, not showing the event for Macedonia
  • Removed Wallonian claim in the Netherlands
  • Fixed the Soviet claims granted by the focus “Claim Western Belarus and Ukraine”
  • Fixed Canadian elections of 1935 disabling further elections

### GFX ###

  • Added No Pasaran idea icon (Thanks to @Astro)
  • Added new event pics
  • Added focus shine effects
  • Added new portraits for İsmet İnönü, Wilhelm Miklas and Bonifacius de Jonge
  • Nazi Germany now uses the Imperial Flag from 1933 to 1935
  • Added new spirit icons for Germany, and assigned both old and new icons to various ideas
  • Readded graphics for generic spirits
  • Added new focus icons
  • Fixed Ramón Grau’s portrait


  • Fixed typos
  • The Portuguese RevSoc Party is now the CGT instead of the PCP
  • Various Italian tooltips localised
  • Fascist England is no longer the “Anglo-Saxon Empire”
  • Localised Albanian ideas
  • Localised various commander traits

### AI ###

  • Added new AI strategies for the Phoney War and the German invasion of the Benelux and Scandinavia
  • Nationalist Spain will no longer join the Axis or the Allies through the alignment mechanics if both GER and ENG are AI-controlled and historical mode is active
  • Added a better version of the German WW2 spirit, for AI use only
  • The USSR will no longer justify on the Baltics or Finland, as they have foci to deal with those countries.
  • German AI strategy plan has seen some foci moved around, pushing Barbarossa further back and closer to its historical date
  • AI Bulgaria and Romania will no longer seek to join the Axis before mid-1941
  • AI Britain, France and Czechoslovakia are now more likely to accept the annexation of the Sudetenland
  • AI Germany is now more likely to follow the nazi path
  • Added AI strategy plan for DNVP Germany
  • AI Italy will now always follow historical foreign policy with historical AI turned on
  • AI Italy will no longer accept Hoare-Laval borders if Historical AI is enabled

Version 19.08.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.90 - 1.9.3)


File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: s_team337
  • Mod version: 27.09.20
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 293.5 mb
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A Very Well done mod,but,would be awesome to add,special focus tree for nations,like,Romania,Bulgaria,The Baltic States,etc.