Mod «Millenium Dawn Battle AI» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.3)

Millenium Dawn Battle AI

This mod improves Vanilla AI Millenium Down, trying to concentrate AI on creating a really dangerous army and a strong economy. Initially, AI does not pose a serious threat (for example, the United States cannot get out of the crisis almost the entire game, and Russia from start game at 2 factories rebuilding its economy for a very long time). In fact, the essence of the fashion is to equalize the forces of key countries G7 and BRICS and create serious problems to the player


Improved templates for the armies of AI:

Now AI seeks to make templates more dangerous for the player (in the form of brigades and divisions). The front width changes depending on the number of military plants and the number of military experience:

  • with BMP \ BTR from 40 to 60 front front
  • Infantry templates (special forces, light infantry and marines) from 20 to 40. Priority is still given to motorized infantry (while there are cars in the warehouses), but everything changes when the war begins.
  • motorized templates (front width from 20 to 40), for quick breakthroughs and subsequent surroundings
  • Tank armies (front width from 40 to 60)

the priority of the construction changes:

  • Instead of unnecessary offices, AI seeks to build civilian factories (especially relevant for Russia). He will build offices according to the residual principle, but no more than 20
  • AI (including minoras) will now build a shipyard for the production of the fleet. This is necessary so that the minoras finally have convoys, and some major have more shipyards.
  • Russia is concentrated in factories, nothing but the war will distract it. The economy must be restored!

The priorities of the forced construction of aviation have been changed. I hope that in large -scale wars of AI, all the same, it will not try to build planes without resources.

The priorities of the economy have been changed for key countries. Now countries will try to reduce corruption and save the economy, focusing on this in peacetime. And of course, build military factories ;)

Improvements of the strongest countries in the world

  • Russia chooses for its army the recommendations of Network Centric Warfare, which makes it even more dangerous in the field of consequences, and the air doctrine of Battlefield Support. Reworked technology priorities. Russia uses advanced aviation (first of all, it needs fighters that are superior to fighters in Australia) and industry technologies.
  • India will be interested in China's race, which could lead to successful development, and is expected to be able to compete with a competitor in the industry.
  • USA with a severe economic crisis, but there is a way out. Now the US raises taxes more easily and leads to economic loss of life, while civilian factories arise from the heavy burden of taxes.
  • He must be reckoned with. Despite sustainable technology, China is dangerous to the rest of the population with its army and military-industrial complex

Millennium Dawn: A Modern Day Mod is required.

  • Compatibility with vanilla MD 1.7.1
  • Russia no longer attacks FSU countries if they are in NATO, until 2016
  • Russia no longer attacks FSU countries if they have a guarantor from China, until 2012
  • Russia no longer attacks Azerbaijan if it has a guarantor from Turkey, until 2016
  • AI is now less likely to attack with tanks in the mountains
  • AI does not reduce corporate tax below 10%
  • AI does not reduce population tax below 5%

Version 04.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)

  • China's minimum corporate tax is now 13% - this holds back industry growth in China a bit, but so is China getting richer.
  • U.S. now has about 10 factories to build the first 5-6 years, but the lack of those metals (and other resources) is still affecting, because all the free factories bot spend to buy resources (thanks steamers, apparently easier to add resources to the map)
  • Changed priorities on corporate taxes. Now bots are less likely to raise corporate tax, sitting in debt, of course, but they are building.


Version 10.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


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