Mod «Maximum Building Slots» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.11)

Maximum Building Slots

This mod makes it so a event triggers at the beginning of your game that allows you to add a buff to yourself, everyone, or no one that makes it so that any state owned by the person with the buff has the max amount of building slots unlocked.

The event is player only and you can choose to give it to only you, give it to all nations, give it to no one, and a 4th option that gives it to all human players. The fourth option is there just in case only the host gets the event in multiplayer but he want's everyone to have it that's not AI.

This will work with any mod that increases or lowers the max building slots in a state such as my 50 construction slot mods. It also should work with any mod every as it's triggers are just not being a AI.

It is 100% compatible with other mods no matter what they add as all of mine are custom made files unless for some reason they use the exact some name as my files or events which I doubt.

Only mods it won't work for is mods that overwrite the events file. If any mod you play and this doesn't show up when you start a new game let me know so I can add them as a dependency.

For clarification: It adds a new custom national spirit that is hidden from you with a custom event that gives you a massive increase to the amount of building slots in each state.

It is 100% compatible and works with any mod that edits the maps, states, or anything else.

The Event ID is Maxslot.1 if you want to trigger it yourself. Make sure to type Maxslot.1 it needs the capital M to trigger.

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