Mod «The Agency» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.4)

The Agency

I (and from what I can tell many players) was never really happy with how the espionage system turned out. Always seamed like it lacked effectiveness, too much effort for too little gain. Myself, I always felt that the limited number of operatives available, the crippling effect of having an operative captured or injured early on, and the grueling work necessary to build an agency that is actually worthwhile, made the 'Spy' system for HOI4 come across as a bit 'Lackluster.'

This mod includes changes and balance adjustments to the otherwise limited espionage system. An attempt to make Espionage something more than a "Trivial Waste" or a 'Useless Time Sink.' That said, allot of effort was put into making these changes balanced and fair, so don't expect things to be over powered.

The biggest changes include several new department upgrades, x4 new operative traits (x2 Can be acquired via mission experience) and a drastic increase in the number of operatives you can have at once, increasing the speed you get them, and removing the need to be in a large faction to gain an agency worth a D***

A partial rework of the HOI4's Espionage system^

  • Larger Pool of Operatives
  • More Opportunities to Gain Operatives
  • Additional Agency Upgrades
  • New Operative Traits
  • Re-Balanced Operations & Missions

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