Mod «Executor Redux: Command and Control» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Executor Redux: Command and Control
Executor Redux: Command & Control

Is a sub-mod that adds the little things to Executor Redux by Penultimate. From 19 new Army Leaders, the Empire's own Intelligence agency (With 14 Imperial Operatives to boot), and even a small list of Division names for when you train a new unit! The base mod of Executor Redux is required to play this sub-mod.

Have suggestions or found a bug? Tell me in the discussions!

Current Additions:

  • 19 New Army Leaders
  • Imperial Security Bureau
  • Custom Unit Leader Traits
  • 14 Imperial Operatives

Planned Content:

  • Imperial Fighter Aces
  • Some Easter Eggs in other countries (If I can sneak them past Penultimate)
  • Rebel Leaders
  • Rebel Intelligence Agency

I just wanted to thank Veo for creating the Executor mod, and Penultimate for letting an inexperienced modder such as myself to join his Dev team. I also had help from the Old World Blues discord whenever I ran into trouble, thank you guys.

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