Mod «Executor Redux» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.13)

Executor Redux

Executor Redux is a complete expansion to the original mod under the same name. Redux expands the content of Executor with a bigger emphasis on fun and interesting gameplay. Much effort went into re-coding the original content of Executor to a more up to date modding standard as of No Step Back. Redux features many focus changes and updates to existing paths for the player, offering a fresh new experience.

Redux plans to expand into several different territories playing bringing in the Rebel Alliance as a counter to the Imperials, and a extra (meme) playable country being the Grand Army of the Republic.


As this is the initial early testing version of Redux, the Imperial Focus Tree with all of its ideas have been implemented. Further expansion will occur with new focus widening out the choices for the Empire.

Events have been reedited and some of their rewards and consequences have been changed, but their current state leaves room to further explore. The plan is to have the Empire to be able to always be able to do new decisions and have story events that shape the play experience throughout a session. Current launch of Redux will be for ironing out and suggesting what type of content players would like to see.



--NOTE-- all original focuses have been adjusted on time to complete and are now shorter due to the abundance of new focuses

New Focuses

  1. new military focuses for the Empire, allowing the Imperial Player to diversify the army of the Empire into a larger force focusing on sheer grunt numbers rather than quality.
  2. new economic/industry focuses allow the Empire to further expand its industry by either focusing on a quick industrialization, long term building or quick access to arms factories.
  3. new political tree for the Empire is all about rebuilding the Executor. This path has been expanded and combined with the original's war plans and will eventually be expanded outward to allow more concentrated efforts in different theaters of war.

New Ideas

New ideas have been implemented throughout new and old focuses to help the Empire expand their gameplay providing a whole host of benefits for the Imperial player.

Future Content


New "Country"

Rebel Alliance will act as the counter to the Empire. Rebels will be much more story driven through focuses and events in comparison to the Empire, and have a wider selection of leaders. Expansion will be limited in the early stages of the game, so the Rebels will be able to send out volunteers at a much faster rate than any other country available within HOI4. Rebels will get many buffs that will allow them to truly act as a Rebel force, being able to interact with a myriad of different countries through events, focuses, and volunteers. Eventualy, Rebel Alliance will slightly expand before going into a war to prevent the Empire's expansion upon the world.

  • Added Unique Tech 9 Beskar Armor for Remnants of Mandalore that is automatically researched for them allowing them to produce a new equipment type
  • Added Beskar Equipment for Remnants of Mandalore to produce, this equipment is what gives their special units armor, this has to be produced atop of normal infantry equipment
  • Added Unique Tech 10 Starfighters for all Star Wars countries to give +100% Air Range

Version 02.05.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.12)

  • Update to version


Version 22.11.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.5)


  • Fixed Focus Requirements Not Allowing Progression
  • Fixed Focus Completion Rewards to properly award the correct territory
  • Localisation updates
  • Added GFX to Rebellion Focuses Missing GFX
  • Updated the Redux Logo to feature what update the mod is currently on


  • Command and Control Submod content has been removed - this was a decision made so that the submod would not become obsolete


  • Added Names to a Majority of the Tech
  • Added Unique Weapons for the Rebel Alliance
  • Updated Pre-Existing Icons such as Support Weapons, Night Vision, and Anti-Tank
  • Weapons to show upgrade number for better cohesion and readability
    (Unique Tech will be made available in the upcoming hotfix for v1.6.1)


  • Changed the name of the new Political Section from Star Wars Spirits & Ideas to Unique Spirits & Ideas
  • Changed the Swappable Bonus to allow all countries to use the swappable bonuses
  • Added GFX to the Swappable Bonuses


  • 10 New Rebel Generals to replace the existing Rebel Alliance Generals. These Generals feature a unique trait that directly effects the number of troops that can be commanded.

Event Pass 2 - Part 1

  • Added the Initial Events for Luke Skywalker
  • Added the Initial Events for Princess Leia
  • (Event Pass 2 - Part 2 will come in an upcoming hotfix for v1.6.1)


Version 01.11.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.4)

  • Mod now supports By Blood Alone
  • Replaced the Star Wars tech tree as updating the Tech Tree for BBA was becoming impossible due to incompatability
  • Added New Tech Tree -- this will be an ongoing effort to improve this tech tree -- VERY


  • Localisation updates
  • Added GFX to Rebellion Focuses Missing GFX
  • Added GFX to Rebellion Decisions
  • Added GFX to German Focuses Missing GFX


  • Implemented Some of the Content from Command and Control Submod -- please wait while Vitor creates a new update and do not use C&C for the time being
  • Rebel Generals from C&C Implemented


  • Empire and Rebellion are now able to propeply add in Stormtroopers and Blaster Infantry into their division templates
  • Fixed the Imposter Luke Bug


  • Changed the Entire Structure of the Empire's Focus Tree to allow for a coherent and streamlined look
  • Removed Focus Completion Rewards that granted Nuclear Reactors and Nukes as the imbalance would make new content unplayable for both Rebellion and Empire
  • Focus Rewards such as number of factories, political power, command power, and so on have been adjusted slightly for balance


  • Updates to improve AI's competency
  • Improved the AI Empire's troops to have competent forces


Version 12.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)


  • Localisation updates

  • Fixed Michael's Coup requirements

  • Changed the Entire Structure of the Empire's Army Tree to allow for faster access to doctrines
  • Changed Imperial Army and Specialized Troopers Requirements to expand the difference between Tarkin and Vader as Leader of the Executor -- Imperial Army can only be taken as Tarkin while Specialized Troops can only be taken as Vader
  • Changed The Imperial Supply Fleet Focus to no longer force the requirement of Imperial Army -- instead Supply Fleet Focus requires you to reach a certain focus out of either Imperial Army or Specialized Troops due to the changes made
  • Changed which Focuses were able to be done by choosing Imperial Army or Specialized Troops, both paths no longer converge and now branch out the gameplay depending on the leader choosen
  • Removed the Mutual Exclusive between Corporate System and War Industry to allow the player to get both the Gulf Oil Company and the 5 military factories
  • Added Mutual Exclusive between Elitism and Exploitation
  • Changed the Position of Increased Autonomy Focus and The Senate Focus for better coherence
  • The Senate Focus has been renamed to The Imperial Senate

  • Updates to improve AI's competency


    Added 6 more repeatable decisions to the Rebel Alliance's unique decision tab.
    1. Extra Operative Slot
    2. 2 Offmap Dockyards
    3. Supply Expansion Idea - which grants +50% supply hub construction speed, and 30% railway construction speed for 365 days
    4. Rebel Training Idea - which grants -15% training time for 365 days
    5. Rebel Output Idea - which grants +15% Factory and Dockyard Output for 180 days
    6. Rebel Repair Idea - (only available at war) which grants +25% factory repair speed, and +30% free repair for 180 days
    Rebel's now feature a unique economic law called Fight for Freedom and a Recruitment Law called The Rebel Alliance. These laws are immediatly implace at the country's start.


    Added 8 new focuses under the War Plans focus path that allow you to either pupper or annex Bulgaria
    Tarkin and Vader will now more directly affect the way the army shapes. Imperial Army will only be available to Tarkin while Specialized Troops only to Vader. These changes along with reorganizing focuses around now change the way the two leaders fuction in terms of battle.


    GERMANY has been updated to feature a whole new focus tree that rivals the Empire in size to entirely focus upon the German's Reich's historical situation more closely. This does mean that Germany can no longer take any alt history path as they have been removed for the time being. This new focus tree will follow the Reich's journey throughout WW2 as you conquest throughout Europe having to deal with not only an unstable economy but a political rivarly between the Wehrmacht and SS. This focus tree will eventually converge with you fighting against the Empire after the defeat of the Soviets. This tree is all but finished and minor updates will occur throughout future updates.


Version 01.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)


  • Localisation updates
  • Updates to improve AI's competency
  • Added a unique decision to the Empire if you have the Command and Control mod installed.
  • A certain figure in Europe has a new portrait, this may or may not indicate the next patch v.01.5.1 (further details after the patch notes)



Initial basics of the Rebellion Focus Tree will be available taking the gameplay up to Mid 1939 or Danzig or War. This is just the start for the Rebels as updates will continue adding in many new focuses till the faction is equal in content to the Empire. Only 33% of the Rebel Alliance Focus Tree is present: over 40 focuses for the Rebel Alliance at the launch of v0.1.5.

Han Solo is the only playable leader for v1.5 at the moment, and his story will be added until 1.6 which then the focus will be changed to Luke Skywalker.


NEW FOCUS TREERomania has been updated to feature a whole new focus tree to entirely focus upon playing a COOP game with the Empire. This focus tree will follow Michael I's imperial aligned control as you conquest throughout Europe claiming much of the territory. This focus tree will also be updated throughout v1.5


Version 04.08.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


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