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Primo Victoria

Primo Victoria is Latin for First Victory (see the name discussion for more info), and refers to the first victory in Western Europe by the Allies in D-Day after the defeat in 1940.

Primo Victoria attempts a more realistic approach to the War in the West and consequently the Normandy Landings and the following Battle for France. On a map of Europe the size of Vanilla's map, you can play as the Allies or the Axis, with fast paced combat, interesting focus trees and high stakes to definitively prove or disprove the Axis could have repelled the D-Day landings.


January 1st, 1936: Gathering Storm

Dark times are coming. In Europe, Hitler has consolidated his power and his attention is now increasingly drawn beyond Germany's borders. Mussolini's Italy continues to embark on daring military adventures. Almost twenty years have passed since the end of the Great War, and the world has yet again been doused in gasoline. A single spark may be all it takes...

May 10th, 1940: Fall Rot

Fall Rot is the German Operational name for the Invasion of France. Compared to the French Army, the German army is severely underequipped and undermanned, but French High Command is stuck in WW1 strategy. Hitler is prepared for trench warfare like in WW1, but little would he know this invasion would see mobile, mechanised warfare like never seen before, and will set German tactical doctrine for years to come. In Africa, only 5 days later, the African Campaign starts with raids on Italian positions in Libya...

November 19th, 1942: Operation Torch

Operation Torch was a combined Allied invasion of Vichy French North Africa. Originally, the US wanted to adopt a "Europe First" approach to defeating Germany, wanting to invade Northern France, but the UK and her allies were adamant that Africa was the more important strategic target. This led to Operation Torch, which would secure Northwestern Africa and crush Rommel's retreating troops after his failed offensives and subsequent defensives in Africa.

July 9th, 1943: Operation Husky

Operation Husky was a combined Allied invasion of the island of Sicily, in Southern Italy. This invasion would put the Allies' planning to the test, since the Island was reasonably well defended and enemy counterattacks were well planned. Italy, sometimes by the Allies appropriately named "The Soft Underbelly of Europe", would face massive trouble securing their precious country and this defeat will have massive consequences for "Il Duce".

June 6th, 1944: Operation Overlord

For the first time since the failed Dieppe Raid in August 1942, the Allies have landed in Western Europe. With combat fierce and fast paced, the world holds it breath as they prepare for the inevitable endgame.

In the east the Soviet Steamroller is pushing full speed ahead sparing nobody in its path. Germany is not on its knees yet and still holds a great deal of territory and resources but time is short. With Italy switching sides, war comes dangerously close to the German Reich, and the northern puppet state, the Italian Social Republic headed by a power-stripped Il Duce, Mussolini is nothing more than a sham, their people slowly giving up on the illusion of victory.

December 16th, 1944: Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein

The German Reich is being pushed back heavily from all directions, the Allies in the West have liberated all of France and Belgium, and are now dangerously close to breaking through and infiltrating the heart of the Reich itself. In the east the Russians are still quite a way behind the Oder River but Romania and Bulgaria have switched sides with Hungary dangerously close to capitulation. The Italian Front is at a standstill, but will this remain?

March 20th, 1945: Endsieg

Aided by air blows which paralyzed communications throughout the length and breadth of Germany, the Allied Armies have surged across the Cologne Plain. Powerful elements of the Red Army consolidated bridgeheads have regrouped along the Oder while significant advances were made by forces on the flanks. What is left of the once mighty German Army is now the very old and young who are left to defend what remains, meanhwhile in Berlin, Hitler has already entered his bunker.


Reworked Map

Primo Victoria uses a custom Europe map. This allows us to have much greater depth in provinces and defence in depth, making for much more interesting combat.

Historical Accuracy

We try to be as in-depth and historical as possible and plan to add many events to make not only the combat part of the mod fun, but also the political part.

Multiplayer Balance

We have several settings and rebalances for Multiplayer and Singleplayer. If you are up for a challenge, you can enable our extreme difficulty, or if you're not so brave the easy difficulty.

A New Nuclear System

Primo Victoria adds a new way to research and create Nukes. Not only does this add more depth and management to a usually boring mechanic, launching a nuke will feel more like destroying a nation and less like clicking a "force surrender" button.


To make the defense of the huge map we use easier, we have added traverseable rivers, along with bridges. You can blow these bridges, or repair them allowing for another interesting piece of combat strategy.

Future Scenarios

There will not be more scenarios. These 8 bookmarks are all the bookmarks we will add, and we will not be adding WW1 scenarios.

  • Supply Hub and Rail Rework
  • Land speed lowered by about 15%
  • Denmark now loses Faroe islands on becoming a german puppet, and UK controls it in later startdates
  • Nuclear research a lot slower to research and build
  • Province Rework in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary to make provinces more consistent in size.
  • Way more river provinces have been added to fix frontlines breaking
  • Spain and Portugal Resources have been redone
  • Spain Victory Points have been added
  • Some more straits added in Denmark

Version 06.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.11)


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