Mod «Ashes of Libertad» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.11)

Ashes of Libertad

October 27 of 1962.

The soviet Foxtrot Class B-59 submarine being lead by captain Valentín Grigórievich Savitsky was trapped under siege in the entrance to the Republic of Cuba's national limits By the US Atlantic fleet. Unfortunately, official Vasily Alexandrovich agreed to release their T-5 nuclear torpedos against the U.S fleet blocking Cuba after losing contact with the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, starting The Third World War, the bloodiest conflict ever seen in Earth. Long and bloody, many years of hope turned into an endless nightmare full of corpses and dispair. War torn apart The Old World, which ended with the destruction of most of the order, authority and society as a whole. In fact, not the entire globe got erased from the map, one of the still existing and habitable places, Latin America has survived to this catastrophic event, but now this long-ignored regions has become the center of what may change the course of the world, with many countries passing trough instability, battles with rebel guerrillas and separatists, all with a post-apocalyptic feeling and with many stories to tell, in a world consumed in suffering by nuclear terror result of the human Geo political chaos that eventually doomed humanity... Or did it?

Welcome... to Ashes of Libertad.


  • A completely custom, state-of-the-art map of South America with all new states
  • All kinds of cool lore pieces, exotic ideas and new countries to look into
  • 5-7 Years of content for the Acre Republic, the star of our Demo, including complex GUIs and mechanics
  • A never-before-seen scenario which has been years in the making
  • Skeleton content for many nations which stretches far beyond the start of the game
  • Added Maoism ideology description.
  • FARC is now at war with ELN.
  • Brought back old Wolfgang Larrazabal portrait.
  • Modifiers to Colombian warlords' NatSpirits
  • New Paulista (SP and ALN) core systems for National Reunification. (Thanks to Silver Knight.)
  • Additional checks for ALN not to influence São Paulo states during or after the Paulista Uprising.
  • Buy Medical Supplies in Sertaneja will only add Support Equipment.
  • Innfantry, AA, ATs and Artilhary brigades will now range from 500 to 250 Manpower a unit.
  • Paulista Catasptropher level increase reduced from 2 to 0.25 every week.
  • Sao Paulo's phase three focuses lasts more. (From 7 to 14)
  • New fancy GUI for Sertaneja's Piauí Frontier.
  • Small GFX changes for the Currency Graphics.

Version 10.01.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.8)

  • Fixed the name of the mod being called "dev version" lmao


Version 01.05.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.10)


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