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Godspeed: A Flame for Winter

What is the point of divergence?

Godspeed has no single point of divergence; instead we have multiple major points of divergence with many minor ones along the way. Divergences of note are: a larger but shorter lived mongolian empire; expansion of Islam becoming primarily westward instead of eastward; the great schism never happening with most of christendom being "Chalcedonian"; the success of the Kamakura restoration in Japan; an Oirat dynasty, the Guang, succeeding the Yuan and subsequently being overthrown by a Han dynasty, the Yue; the centralization of the Holy Roman Empire; the survival of the Angevin Empire.

X country existing seems really weird, why is that a thing?

In Godspeed we usually conduct our development true to the idea of "Rule of Cool", which means if we think an idea is interesting and could make for some fun storytelling and gameplay we'll use it even if it's incredibly implausible. An example of this is the nation in Meridia "Jan Dugu" which is a fictional country founded by the expedition across the Atlantic by Abu Bakr II of Mali. Another thing to note is that we use a mixture of fictional and real people to this end, so for example the Angevin Emperor, Henri. We make no pretence that these things are realistic nor do we believe they necessarily should be. 

What ideologies are in the mod?

  • Centralism (Centralist Technocracy, Socialist Theocracy, Orthodox Centralism, Patriotic Centralism, Panopticism)
  • Socialism (Syndicalism, Liberation Theology, Market Socialism, Marxism, Unity Socialism)
  • Libertarianism (Mutualism, Mobilized Libertarianism, Agrarianism, Batkism, Councilism)
  • Social Democracy (Chauvinist Populism, Distributism, Populist Democracy, Welfare Economy, Orthodox Social Democracy)
  • Liberalism (Third Way, Market Liberalism, Social Liberalism, Classical Liberalism, Revolutionary Liberalism)
  • Conservatism (Paternalism, Conservative Aristocracy, National Conservatism,
  • Traditionalism, Religious Democracy)
  • Authoritarian Democracy (Military Junta, Restricted Liberalism, Aristocratic
  • Republicanism, Reactionary Democracy, Oligarchy)
  • Autocracy (Constitutional Dictatorship, Enlightened Autocracy, Despotism, Theocracy, National Populism)
  • Corporatism (Integralism, Corporate Oligarchy, Corporate Democracy, National Syndicalism, Devolved Totalitarianism)
  • Ultranationalism (Has no sub-ideologies).

Who is X Leader? I can't find any information about them online!

Because Godspeed focuses on a storytelling and worldbuilding narrative in addition to its gameplay, most portraits and leaders in-game represent fictional characters alongside real historical figures.

What is Godspeed: A Flame for Winter?

Godspeed: A Flame for Winter is a Hearts of Iron IV total modification starting in an alternate 1934. You better be prepared: this is still an age of extremes, but not quite the one we’re all used to knowing. 

A number of divergent historical events starting with the Viking colonization of North America have shaped a multipolar world centered around a number of great powers scattered across Europe, Asia and the New World, Vesperia.

In 1934 the Old World breathes in relief at the close of the Great War - a terrifying conflict between the mighty Holy Roman Empire and the great Angevin Empire. After tens of millions of deaths and untold destruction wrought by weapons unlike anything the world had ever seen before the ancient hegemony of Regensburg in Europe has been shattered, and the Angevins stand triumphant over a Europe incurably poisoned by lead and toxic gases. 

Their victory, if it can be called that, is a pyrrhic one. All of the victorious powers have sacrificed too much to the glory of their sovereigns, and more and more of their people clamor for the rewards of peace: prosperity, and greater rights. Across the Angevin possessions in Albion and the Holy Roman industrial heartland of the Ruhr, socialist unrest stirs. In Italy and Imperial Thuringia obscure visionaries prepare the return to an age where God-men rule over subhuman slaves. 
The vast Russian Empire shakes as its Western neighbors are wracked by instability, unrest and extremist dictatorship. Anarchist bandit armies run wild from the east bank of the Dnieper to Wallachia. And yet all these worries pale in comparison to the imminent trial of choosing a new Tsar in a country that has never truly learned to stand united, as the current one wastes away surrounded by the failures of his reign.

Vesperia, the brave new world that kept itself isolated from the horrors of the War, is facing its own great trial. After the end of the Vesperian War the birth of a League of the continent’s nations was not enough to keep the slaver Virginian Republic stable. A massive slave revolt, aiming to become a revolution, has sprung up, bringing Virginia to the verge of collapse. 

In the Farthest East, the Yue Empire reigns supreme, an industrial superpower on a slow march toward political and institutional liberalization. Its fading Emperor, however, may prove the linchpin holding the massive Empire and its sphere together and no one can tell what his death will bring.

But no matter where or with whom you stand; what short reprieve the world has earned from the brutal warfare of the early 20th century is about to end. Following the devastation of the Great War global economies struggle to recover as more and more countries turn inward. Worse still, as dust storms and atmospheric pollution make global temperatures fall, so do harvests. The Days of Dust are coming, and no army will stand in their way. 
These and many others are the stories of a world different and similar to our own. Its protagonists are sometimes familiar, and sometimes wholly alien to us. It is a world of tremendous trials, a world in need of leaders. Will you step up to the challenge? Will you lead your country through the coming age? Will you persevere against all odds, and light a flame for winter?

  • Fixed Russian Civil War outbreak crash to desktop (hopefully).
  • AI no longer desires to puppet, liberate, or force government.
  • Some interface fixe(s)

Version 13.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


Version 11.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9 - 1.11.10)


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