Mod «Persian Empire Rising» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10)

Persian Empire Rising

This is an alternate history mod in which Iran / Persia is a major power in 1936 you can see it on the list of the interesting nations by playing as Iran / Persia you have a decent Navy (MTG DLC ONLY if you have MTG DLC you'll see 50-75% of UK naval power), 100K Army(including basic tanks+motorized) and 300 planes in the air wings.

A semi-historical focus tree with lots of features is still under development I'm more than happy to see your ideas in the discussion.

Events and Ideas are under development you'll see some new features in upcoming updates.

Graphics Better flags for Iran, the new color (pale blue) and lots of characters (borrowed some US generals) and equipment with decent and relevant pictures

plus below are universal features that AI can use too:

  • upgradeable equipment and ships all countries can convert/refit any old tank, ship, plane, piece of artillery, etc to its superior versions with 1.10 version 200% bounces.
  • Iran / Persia, Germany flags reworked. # add credits
  • all countries have their official names. # add credits
  • MTG DLC: Naval Treaty got reworked the limitation imposed by the treaty only applies to Heavy hull ships and Carriers. so you can build ridiculously Heavy Cruisers :D

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this is very good