Mod «Feminism in Germany» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)

Feminism in Germany

Feminism in Germany

  • adds a chain of decisions and events with the option to go for more rights for women
  • the player can freely choose to which extend he or she wants to go with feminism
  • enables you to get a female country leader, general and admiral
  • adds the availability of female aces in Germany
  • added newspaper events and the option for every country to adopt feminism (voluntarily)
  • added two additional female generals for germany
  • should be compatible (with new DLCs and most other Mods), because the mod only adds new stuff without changing already existing content.
  • added the option to aggressively spread feminism to other countries with special operations.
  • Fixes

21.03.22 (1.11.9)


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