Map «Itarevamp» version 0.2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.43.x)


The map is a refinement and improvement of Italy from DLC Italy.

Features: added various infrastructure elements, panoramas of cities, local terrain features, power lines, etc. All DLC maps are required to work compatible with Promods, Rusmap, Southern Region (according to the author's assurance)

  • Fixed crash on the desktop
  • New areas of Ternni, Umbria region
  • Improved Viterbo City Landscape Version, Lazio Region
  • Some supplements for the small village of Valentano, next to Viterbo
  • Heavy industry on A14 Adriatic
  • Suburb of the city of Termoli, region Molzov
  • Cozenza city
  • Mount Etna 2 times more original. Now I feel better than a big mountain (Etna - the highest volcano in Europe, 3495 m above sea level)
  • Siena City (Tuscany)
  • City of Arezzo
  • "Famous" eco-monster not far from Termoli, Molise
  • Foggia City (Apulia)

Version 0.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.43.x)3

  • New buildings and a TV tower in Rome
  • Orvieto (decorative city)
  • Sala Consilina (decorative city in the Campania region)
  • Cosenza (decorative town in the Calabria region)
  • Terna power station near Civitavecchia with Argentario Mountain
  • New small towns on the hills of Castelli Romani, south of Rome...
  • Adding skyscrapers in Naples
  • The town of Candela, on the hills along the A-16 highway (scenery)
  • Bernalda (decorative city with landscapes), on the E-847 highway, Basilicata district
  • The town of Sibari in Calabria (scenery)
  • One of the most important "landmarks" for those who drive along the A 14 highway towards Puglia are the Gargano Mountains, they are finally visible!
  • The city of Pesaro has been improved
  • New Imola Industrial Zone (scenery)
  • New buildings in Bologna
  • Added the famous sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luc in Bologna
  • Lucca (decorative city)
  • Grosseto (decorative city)
  • Power station "Tirrena Power" in Savona
  • ENEL power plant in Maddaloni, near Naples
  • Cassino University
  • A piece of the city of Sanremo, visible from the viaduct on E-80
  • Added the Majella Mountains, the second highest peak of the Appennini (2795 m above sea level).
  • The surroundings of Vesuvius are filled with a large number of buildings
  • Now Vesuvius is a little bigger than originally


File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: lelux
  • Mod version: 0.2
  • File format: SCS
  • File size: 51.1 mb
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