Mod «Improved Automation» for Victoria 3 (v1.0.x)

Improved Automation

Do you wish your economy could actually manage itself? Do you wish that auto expand didn't crash your economy and destroy the infrastructure in your states? Improved Automation is here to save you. This mod aims to make auto expansion of industries check against available employment, state infrastructure, and economic policy to determine when to expand.

By default, the only things checked for if an industry should expand are:

  • does the building have cash reserves > 95%?
  • does the state market access exceed 50%
  • do you have available construction?

This leads to buildings expanding long after they've run out of employable pops to employ, and completely disregards if there's shortages cropping up for inputs. It doesn't care if there's a profit, only that there's a reserve.

So I fixed it:

Now, the building checks:

  • do I have reserves > 75% (more aggressive expansion)
  • does my state have free workforce (using ARoAI's cb_state_has_free_workforce)
  • does my building have an input goods shortage? (because if there's a shortage, the return from expanding is actually negative)
  • is my market access > 90% (because if I'm not connected to the market very well, then I'm only deflating the price of my good locally by expanding)
  • do I have a possibility of showing up on the build queue (same as before)
    and finally:
  • Do I have a weekly profit, (I'm a generally capitalist run building)
  • or a command economy, (Le government has asked me to expand and thus I will)
  • or a worker_cooperative. (I will expand for the workers' sake)

In testing the new system actually manages to perform pretty well without very much intervention in a closed economy (so long as you have all your inputs accounted for). I definitely recommend that if you decide to use this, you keep your eye on your economy though, as sometimes good demand will just randomly plummet and the building's can't un-expand so you'll have to cut industries down manually if they accidentally expanded too fast.

This mod implements modfiers and script triggers directly from ARoAI which means technically you don't need to have it enabled to run; however, Anbeeld's mod will significantly improve the AI, which should make it competent. And since this mod uses modifiers pilfered from ARoAI, it's only right to link it across. Please check it out!

Required: Anbeeld's Revision of AI


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