Randomized Vehicles for Teardown

Randomized Vehicles

IMPORTANT: This mod DOES NOT affect the cars you see in levels. This is a separate system you spawn or add to your own maps.

A demonstration level for the recolourable vehicles. All of the way's I've done this can be found in easy user-friendly scripts I've commented in the mods folder. Thanks to Micro for the original script. Using these recolourable vehicle, you can position the script anywhere in your own levels. , and have random cars or trucks with random colors and trailer loads spawn at the location.

Included is a folder with example scripts that isn't specific to any vehicle, and has many comments to help you understand how it works to adapt it to your own vehicles.

Current vehicles that support the system:

  • Scania (EU Truck)
  • US Semi Truck
  • Drab 75 (Salooncar)
  • Van
  • Thin Van
  • Modern Van
  • Taskmaster
  • Eurus (Sportscar)

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