Smash Into Dusts for Teardown

Smash Into Dusts

A little spice-up for your destruction.


New updated added an option to change dust size.
You may need to reset to default if the mod is not functioning properly.

Hi! I finally made a new mod now, and this mod is about destruction and dusts!

This mod will evaluate shapes around break point, choose some small debris and break them into dusts.

Kinda hard to describe or show in pictures tho, but you will know what does it do when you use it. It really spiced up the destruction.

The compatibility should be fine, and it works well with my previous mod, Impact Based Structural Integrity Test.

And this mod is also configurable, such as voxel threshold(define how small a debris should be), the chance for breakdown and the lifetime of dusts.

Try it out!

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