Creeper Facility 2 for Teardown

Creeper Facility 2
Welcome To Part 2 Of This Beautiful Map

This map is a facility that contains Minecraft mobs and items. Think of it like SCP.
Currently the map includes:

-A creeper that explodes
-A zombie that hurts you and can be killed
-And a few pigs. One of which you're able to ride.

New Stuff:

-Office Area Next To The Entrance
-Moved The Pig Room
-Storage Room
-Expanded Zombie Viewing Room
-Office/Meeting Room
-Generator Room
-Expanded Creeper Viewing Room
-Added A Door For The Cave


-More killable enemies
-Alarm system
-Underground area
-Pig Viewing Room
-Spawnable Creatures

  • Added More Trees At The Entrance

Version 28.04.23 for Teardown

  • Removed Floating Light In The Creeper Room
  • Fixed Unbreakable Light In The Zombie Viewing Room
  • Changed Creeper Behavior report


Version 16.03.23 for Teardown


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