Berlin Wall 1961-1990 for Teardown

Berlin Wall 1961-1990

In the night of the 12 to the 13 of August, Walter Ulbricht, as SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany (Ger.: Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands)) party leader and Chairman of the National Defence Council of the GDR, (German Democratic Republic [East Germany]. (Ger.: Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR)) gave the order to seal off the sector border in Berlin. Having obtained the agreement of the Soviet Union a few days previously, and with the support of the Soviet troops in the GDR, the regime closed off the last route for escape from the Party dictatorship: in the early morning of August 13, border police started ripping up streets in the middle of Berlin, pieces of asphalt and paving stones were piled up to form barricades, concrete posts were driven into the ground and barbed-wire barriers erected.

A few days later, in the night of August 17 to 18, groups of construction workers stared replacing the barbed wire by a wall made of hollow blocks. Further additions will make escape more and more difficult.

This is a map pack depicting the rough timeline of the Berlin Wall. Each map represents a specific year of the boarder between East and West Berlin as well as the different generations of the wall. These maps do not represent a specific street or crossing. I will not be adding heists as that is beyond my skill set.

The following maps are included:

1966 - coming soon
1975 - coming soon
1989 - coming soon
1990 - coming soon


Each map has an optional challenge that can be found just outside of your apartment. These may reveal secrets.

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