Mod «Real Space - New Frontiers» for Stellaris (v3.3.2)

Real Space - New Frontiers

The purpose of this mod is to diversify the planets and colonization, without affecting the classes of planets. This mod includes. A lot of modifiers, events, planetary, decisions, features and much more.

A subclass is a new type of planet with its own unique features. Each subclass belongs to a specific standard planetary class, but has its own unique portrait and appearance of the planet. In terms of game mechanics, a planetary subclass is a common modifier. But the appearance of such a modifier on the planet is crucial. That is, along with a change in the appearance of the planet, its properties and properties will change, and also a subclass will affect the appearance of other modifiers, not subclasses. There are three types of subclasses: normal, paradise, extremal and exotic. Accordingly, this determines the nature of the habitability boundary of subclasses.

Additionally, a new class of planets was added, a Tidally Locked planet class and 3 subclasses to this.

These are various periodic events that can be directly related to subclasses and their features or additional events after colonization.

Periodic events:

Periodic events are various events associated with certain features of the planet, and are recurring.

  • Global Heating
  • Drought Age
  • Ice Age
  • Meteorite Shower
  • Ceaseless Thunderstorms
  • Terrible Hurricanes
  • Dense Blizzards
  • Relentless Sandstorms
  • Persistent Drought
  • Coriolis Storm
  • Geomagnetic Storms
  • Ion Storms
  • Wild Hunt
  • Insatiable Swarm
  • Abyssal Devourers
  • Sea Monsters
  • Tremor Earth
  • Behemoths
  • Strong Volcanism
  • Aggressive Flora

Additional events:

  • Ancient Machin
  • Nightfall

This is another important element of this mod, which can completely change the gameplay of the game. You can disable these events at the start of the game.

Planetary events:

These are events that will occur only with individual systems.

  • Collision of the moon
  • Fall of the moon
  • Orbit Reduction
  • Orbit Increase
  • Awakened Planet
  • Gamma-ray Burst
  • Space Crash

System Events:

These are events that will affect all the planets and objects of the system.

  • Star Evolution

7 planetary decisions to disasters. These decisions will help your empire prevent a disaster or save civilization from imminent death. Decisions such as the Ark project have their own chain of events. Some solutions will become available for Doomsday origin at launch.
6 planetary decisions for certain subclasses and planets with other features.

  • 4 new technologies to prevent disasters.
  • 9 technologies for blockers.

9 new origins (see attached images).

All new mechanics can be disabled in the Real Space menu.

Expanse Events

Expanse events usually occur after the colonization of new planets and are usually associated with the appearance of new modifiers. These events will determine the nature of the development of new colonies and, in general, diversify the gameplay at the entire stage of active colonization.

New Jobs:

These travelers, hunters and prospectors set off to the unexplored lands of new worlds in search of alien wonders.
These adventurers are engaged in clandestine transportation of valuables, goods, prohibited items, or colonists, bypassing government control.
 Opportunist Drone
These drones are sent to the most remote places of the planet in search of new ways to survive the hive.
 Aberrant Drone
These mutant drones have received genetic changes that cause them to move away from the hive and show signs of consciousness.
 Scout Drone
These exploration drones are exploring hidden areas of the new world in search of rare resources and knowledge.
 Renegade Drone
Due to failures, these drones have separated from the central intelligence and are engaged in their own production, stealing resources.

Resource Depletion

This mechanic depletes the planet's mineral resources. This is influenced by the age of the colony, the number of mining areas and some modifiers that increase the chance of losing resources.

  • This mod does not support achievements.
  • This is a global addition to Real Space and you need to be very careful with using it with other mods.
  • Disaster events are not for the faint of heart. Already at the beginning of the game, your home world may be in dire danger. If you do not want to risk, disable this event.
  • Compatible with Guillis Planet Modifiers.
  • After version 1.7 this mod is no longer compatible with Planetary Diversity.
  • After version 2.9, the Planetary Exploration submod is no longer supported or used with this mod.

If you switch between different subclasses of the same class of the planet, the portrait of the planet does not change, but remains as you chose for the first time. This is a bug of the original game. The report was published in Paradox Plaza Forum. To attract attention, it is desirable to support this post on the forum.

This mod will not directly conflict with other modifications with rare exceptions. If the conflicting mod modifies vanilla planetary modifiers or vanilla deposits, minor bugs may occur.

After version 1.7 I made the decision to undo all actions and restrictions that were previously created for compatibility with Planetary Diversity. I understand that this is sad news for many, but despite these limitations, I constantly received reports of various problems from players who use both mods. Since these actions are ineffective and only limit the development of the mod, I canceled them. At this stage (version 1.7), there will be no critical errors, but in the future there may be changes that cause crashes. Each mod should develop in its own way and not limit itself in the implementation of ideas.

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: 26.02.22
  • Mod version: 26.02.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 368.8 mb
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