Mod «More Standard Districts» for Stellaris (v3.3.0 - 3.3.4)

More Standard Districts

Would you like more basic districts for your colonies? Perhaps you're tired of being limited by building slots? Then this mods is for you! Adds a Research District, Trade District, Leisure District, Administrative District, and Military District for construction on normal colonies. Also adds an Administrative District and Military District for construction on habitats. All gestalt empires can use Research Districts and Military Districts, but Leisure Districts are only available for Rogue Servitors. Hive Minds, Machines, and Spiritualists have their own versions of the Administrative District.

Due to the addition of Research Districts, Research Labs have been adjusted to function similarly to the Alloy Foundries or Civilian Industries buildings.


Research, Trade, Leisure, Administrative/Ecclesiastical/Synapse/Data Warehouse, and Military Districts are now available for regular colonies. Administrative (et al) and Military Districts are now also available for construction on habitats. These new districts are considered "city" districts similar to Industrial Districts. In addition, this mod updates Research Labs to function similarly to how Industrial Districts are enhanced (the jobs provided by the district, really) by the Alloy Foundries or Civilian Industries buildings:

  • maximum one per planet
  • all tiers provide 1 head researcher or 2 gestalt researcher jobs
  • tier 2 increases research output by 1 point (per field) and increases researcher upkeep
  • tier 3 increases research output by a total of 2 points (per field) and further increases researcher upkeep

Along with the new district types, this mod adds new colony designations for Commercial Worlds (focuses on Trade Districts) and Leisure Worlds (focuses on Leisure Districts) as well as updates the Tech-World designation to offer Research District build speed in addition to its existing benefits. Unification Center and Fortress World automation plans are also updated to understand the new district types. Each of the new colony designations features a build automation plan (including Rogue Servitors for Leisure Worlds). The automation plan for Unification Centers, Fortress Worlds, and Tech-Worlds are also adjusted to use the new districts.

All districts respond to changes in civics that alter jobs. For example, Leisure Districts trade Entertainers for a Duelists with Warrior Culture and Ecclesiastical Districts trade a Priest for a Manager for spiritualist megacorps.


  • English by corsairmarks (author)
  • German (Deutsch) by Lucanoria
  • Polish (Polskie) by Gatzek
  • Russian (Русский) by Dimonius
  • Simplified Chinese by megumin

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