Mod «[TMC] EFT Sharpsticks» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

[TMC] EFT Sharpsticks

Add some sharpsticks from the game Escape From Tarkov, all weapons should be craftable in the TMC Weapon workbence.

This is just a small mod I made while making my apparel mod.

Things that were used in the animation :

  • The melee weapons of course.
  • TMC Apparel mod (Coming soon but not soon soon...).
  • Certain weapons are part of a work in progress retexture and update for my existing mods.
  • Factory, Lockers room where I always hide like a rat while healing myself with 20 different AI2 medkit.

Things missing/will be added in the future:

  • Most of the common knives
  • Cultist knife (Need to figure out the poisoning effect )
  • Red Rebel pickaxe
  • Survival Machete


Q : Is this save compatible ?
A : Yes it is.

Q : What kind of weapons you will draw/add/make ?
A : I like to make weapons from 1900s to current day with special love on what people often call “ tacticool “ firearms or firearms from movies , videogames and personal build photos I received from friends .

Q : Will you add [insert name in here ] next ?
A : Depends on if it is requested a lot or/and I personally like it , I will . No promise though but still feel free to suggest them.

Q : Is it compatible with Combat Extended ?
A : Yes . This mod is CE compatible

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