Mod «Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Makeshift» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Makeshift

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Makeshift is a small module that fits perfectly with all the nutters playing Naked Brutality survival scenario, or roleplaying in a post-apocalyptic universe. Inspired directly by games like Rust and Fallout, as well as the improvised firearms of the Chechen rebels, these guns can be crafted without any machining tables or steel. All you need is to complete the Makeshift weapons research project, bring your components to a crafting spot and start mass producing these cheap, unreliable weapons.
That’s right. Unreliable? What does it mean? It means that each weapon has a random amount of shots it can fire within a burst (with a minimum and maximum amount). A makeshift pistol can fire between 0 (!) and 1 shots, whilst a makeshift rifle can fire anywhere between 1 and 5 shots.

You never know how many shots your burst will fire, or if it will fire at all, thus making these weapons non-ideal. Essentially, by crafting these, you allow Randy Random to mess with you one more time during every combat encounter. But hey, they are cheap, and they are makeshift!

Vanilla Weapons Expanded is part of a series of mods expanding on everyday life on the Rimworld. When paired together with a brand new Vanilla Apparel Expanded and Vanilla Armours Expanded, you can bring something to your game that will keep you interested in it for days.

Q: Does this work on RimWorld 1.1?
A: No, it requires the latest game version.

Q: Is this mod CE compatible?
A: It will be soon-ish I think.

Q: Do these weapons spawn on enemies?
A: They spawn on Scavenger pirates.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Run and Gun?
A: Yes, you should be able to use these weapons with run and gun.

Q: Can I request a feature?
A: Yes, comment down below!

Q: Where do I craft those weapons?
A: After researching the Makeshift Weapons research project, you craft them at a crafting spot.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like, however please remember removing a mod can cause issues.

Q: Is this a tank?
A: Move along Sherlock, nothing to see here!


  • Updated for RimWorld 1.4

Version 19.07.21 for RimWorld 1.3


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